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Vietnam Era History Project

Nazareth and St. John Fisher College students share their experiences working on the Monore County Vietnam Veterans Oral History Project.

Internship in DC at the Brady Center for Gun Nonviolence

History students may undertake internships for credit with the approval of their advisor and Department Chair. In doing so, History students earn academic credit while gaining real-life professional experience.

Recent internships have included:

  • City Historian: Students have worked on the Vietnam Era/Oral History project a cooperative venture between the Rundel Library, local colleges, the city historian and a local VFW post.

  • Rochester Museum and Science Center: Students worked in the archives, digitalizing photos and document from the Civil War era.

  • George Eastman House: Students have worked with the foundation office in marketing the Eastman House, preparing research and analysis on sources of funding, and in local fund raising events.

  • Genesee Country Village Museum: Students worked with supervisors to prepare exhibits for the Museum.

  • Strong National Museum of Play: Students worked on the planning and preparation for the current Superhero Exhibit.

  • U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.: Students worked with the museum to prepare tours, book groups, and prepare publication guides.

Student Reflections


Kelsey Reed
Intern at Alexandria Archaeology Museum in Alexandria, VA.

"It’s a fantastic experience! I have done an array of different assignments. My main task is to work with artifacts from an African-American community that developed during Reconstruction on the site of former Union Civil War fort called Fort Ward. I do research on the artifacts. Currently, I am working on putting together a new informational binder that will accompany the exhibit. If anyone is looking to do an internship in the Washington D.C. area I would definitely recommend doing the Washington Internship Institute program through Nazareth."

Amy Bologino

Intern at the George Eastman House Development Department

"I was ecstatic about the opportunity to be a part of such a well known institution and a chance to explore the realm of museums. Throughout my internship I developed a sense of possibility that there are many career opportunities in museums and I learned from the bottom up how to be a part of such an organization. This experience has led me to pursue a higher degree of education in museum studies as well as fuel my love of history."

Kristina Morris

Intern at the Rochester/Monroe County Vietnam Oral History Project

"I wanted to have an internship to expose me to new experiences and became involved with the Rochester/Monroe County Vietnam Oral History Project. This internship has been more than a working experience, it has been life changing. "

"The highlight of this project is working with so many great people. It is amazing to give back to these veterans who served our country. Telling their stories may be difficult at times, but they are always grateful for someone who is sincere in hearing their story. I want to continue my work in oral history. Everyone has a story worth telling, you just have to listen."

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