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Center For Public History


Timothy Kneeland, Ph.D.
Golisano Academic Center454
Phone: 585-389-2649

The Center for Public History at Nazareth College fosters the connection between academic and experiential knowledge. The Center supports and conducts research across disciplinary boundaries and communities, and will become a space where faculty expertise meets community experience to make history live in the public eye. The Center uses the methods and ideas of public history to support faculty, students and community partners engaged in projects that illuminate the connection between history and memory and cultures and peoples.

What is Public History?

Public history is “where historians and their various publics collaborate in trying to make the past useful to the public.”  That is, public history is the conceptualization and practice of historical activities with one’s public audience foremost in mind. It generally takes place in settings beyond the traditional classroom. Its practitioners often see themselves as mediators on the one hand between the academic practice of history and non-academics and on the other between the various interests in society that seek to create historical understanding. Public history practitioners include museum professionals, government and business historians, historical consultants, archivists, teachers, cultural resource managers, curators, film and media producers, policy advisors, oral historians, professors and students with public history interests, and many others.

-National Council on Public History- "What is Public History"

Student Reflections

Katherine A. Niver, '12

"I wanted to let you know that yesterday during our local town Memorial Day celebration and parade I was stopped by one of the heads of the local Historical Society and asked if I would be able to help them create a catalog system for all of their pictures and help them to digitize their collections and help them post it to New York Heritage Online!  I started this morning and boy is it a daunting but fun task!! There must be over 1000 photos and in all different categories!

This morning we spent the hours trying to figure out just how many corset factories there were and which ones were which! Tomorrow morning are the 5 different churches... But it is a great opportunity and I thought that I'd let you know and see how you were doing!  I spent the morning talking all about your class to the older gentleman and he was so glad to hear that there are classes that teach "us young folk about keeping history alive" I truly enjoyed it and I can't wait to keep you updated on the adventure!"

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