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Information for Current HEOP/Excel Students

Road Map to Financial Aid

What to expect and what must be done EVERY YEAR.  Check off items as they are completed to see what is left for you to do.


In January, start to collect your, your spouse's and/or parent's tax documents, including: Federal tax returns, W2's, Social Security statements and Social Services benefits statements.  Look out for these; you will need them!

  • FAFSA (Code:002779)

A renewal form and or pin number will be sent to you every year in December.  This form must be filled out and mailed in EVERY  year, before March 1st, to avoid delays.  With your pin number, the FAFSA can be done online at: or to have a copy mailed to you call 1-800-433-3243

  • ETA

Once the FAFSA has been completed, NYS will generate an Express Tap Application. This pre-printed document must be checked for accuracy and sent to The Higher Education Service Corporation (HESC).

  • Verification Worksheet

This is required of all freshman and selected upperclassmen.  If selected, the Nazareth College Financial Aid Department will notify you by mail.


You will need to fill out the worksheet AND gather COPIES of the DOCUMENTS that support the information that you put on your FAFSA.

  1. Parent and Student/Spouse Federal tax forms, if filed.
  2. Parents and Student/Spouse W2's, if no tax form was filed.
  3. Social Security benefits statements for the year.
  4. A Social Services document on letterhead stating year and benefits received
  • Award Letter

After all this information has been processed, The Financial Aid Office at the college will generate an award letter every year which you must sign and return to the Financial Aid Office on campus.

  • Promissory Note (freshman only)

Once the award letter has been signed indicating acceptance of your grants and loans, an Entrance Interview sheet and promissory note will be sent to you where you select a bank you want to get your loan from and complete any additional information requested.  the promissory note must be sent to: The Higher Education Services Corporation, and the Entrance Interview must be sent to: The Financial Aid Office at Nazareth College.

  • Refund

Once ALL of the above steps are taken, your grants and loans will come in to the Financial Services office and pay your bill with the college.  Once the bill is paid, any monies received over and above the amount of the bill will be refunded to you.

  • Breakdown

Anytime during this process, there can be difficulties that can cause needless delays.  To avoid delays, you and your family should work TOGETHER to resolve the problem.  DO NOT disregard any correspondent from the college or from the Higher Education Services Corporation.  Usually correspondence is simply a request for more information, and if ignored will cause further delays and frustration.

  • Confusion

Any Questions can be referred to The Financial Aid Office at (585)389-2310, and as always, we at the HEOP/Excel Department are here to assist at (585)389-2513.


If you have any questions about HEOP please contact the HEOP/Excel Department at:
(585) 389-2513 or 1-800-462-3944 - Fax (585) 389-2514
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