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HEOP/Excel Information Day

Information Day is where those students who are interested in The HEOP/Excel Programs and the college have the opportunity to visit the campus and meet the Team.

The day begins with an Information session where the HEOP/Excel staff shares the details about the college and the program itself.  This is followed by a few simple diagnostic tests for the purpose of determining potential students' future tutoring needs.  A light snack is provided for students and parents.  Afterwards, we will begin the interview process.  Students and staff have the opportunity to get to know each other a little better and have the time to ask any questions that were not addressed earlier in the day.  Students may leave for home right after their interview is complete.  Special note: Please speak with an HEOP/Excel counselor to confirm your appointment and to clarify what documentation you will need to bring with you.

*the next HEOP/Excel Information Day has yet to be determined.  More information will be posted as soon as possible

Complete File

Students will not be invited to visit the campus to participate in the HEOP/Excel Information Day until their files have been completed with all the necessary documentation.


Students must make their own arrangements for transportation to and from the college, although staff are always available to provide information.

Overnight Visits

Since information days usually start early in the morning, prospective students may come to the campus the afternoon before and spend the evening in one of the dorm rooms with a student from the program.  This must be arranged in advance.


Decisions on acceptance into the HEOP Program are usually made in three to six weeks after interviews.



If you have any questions about HEOP please contact the HEOP/Excel Department at:
(585) 389-2513 or 1-800-462-3944 - Fax (585) 389-2514
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