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HEOP Eligibility Requirements

In order to become a Nazareth College student through HEOP, you must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

      • You must be a New York State resident for at least one year;
      • You cannot be eligible for admission under the College's general admission standards;
      • You must have a high school diploma or state approved General Equivalency Diploma or an Armed Forces Equivalency Diploma with a composite score of 225+ or pass a diagnostic test administered by the College;
      • You must meet the economic eligibility requirements for the program;
      • You must demonstrate the potential for the successful completion of a college program; and
      • You must have been in an approved opportunity program at your previous college to be considered as a transfer student
      • You must complete an interview with the HEOP Director

Economic Eligibility Criteria

In order to determine your eligibility for supplemental financial assistance through HEOP, we use the Family Income Scale.  The following circumstances also affect eligibility :


A student is economically disadvantaged if he/she is a member of a household supported by one member with a total annual income which does not exceed the applicable amount set forth in the Family Income Scale insert; or of a household supported by more than one worker, or a household in which one worker is the sole support of a one parent family, if the total annual income of such household does not exceed the applicable amount set forth in the established HEOP General Economic Guidelines.


A maximum of 15 percent of students admitted into a HEOP program may come from families whose income exceeds the household scale when unusual and extenuating circumstances warrant.


Categories into which these exceptions may fall are limited to the following:

    1. Serious mismanagement of the family income, with little accruing to the interest of the student;
    2. A one-time fluctuation in household income where there is a history of low-income, due to such causes as insurance settlements and severance pay;
    3. Households with substantial long-term non-reimbursed medical obligations such as maintenance of physically or mentally disabled children; or
    4. Families which must maintain two households, one for wage earner and one for dependents, in order to maintain employment. (Contact the HEOP office and discuss your situation with a counselor to determine eligibility under this exception).

Reference to the Family Income Scale need not be made if the student falls into one of the following categories and documentation is available: 


    1. The student's family is the recipient of Public Assistance, Home Relief or Family Day Care payments through a New York State or county Department of Social Services;
    2. The student is living with foster parents who do not provide support for college and no monies are provided by the natural parents; or
    3. The student is a ward of the state of county.
If you have any questions about HEOP please contact the HEOP/Excel Department at:
(585) 389-2513 or 1-800-462-3944 - Fax (585) 389-2514
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