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Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and Fitness

 Eating well can be hard, especially at college.  Midnight pizza runs and vending machine breaks coupled with long hours pouring over books, can be a recipe for unhealthy eating habits and sedentary living.  Its okay to go for the fries in the dining hall as long as you moderate and remember to get your fruits, veggies and whole grains.


For specifics on what to eat and how to eat well check out the links below:

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 Nazareth offers lots of exercise options. Why not take advantage of the facilities in Shults or the stadium or try something new? There is yoga in the chapel and all sorts of PE classes!  You can even try juggling!  Also, Bikes@Naz will rent you a bike for an afternoon or several days and when it snows, they have snow shoes...

 Check out some great articles on staying fit while in college:

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