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Health Services

Health Services


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    (585) 389-2500
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    Student Wellness Center
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    (585) 389-2503
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What to bring with you to college: Health insurance card or a picture of it on your phone!

First Aid kit including: thermometer, throat lozenges/cough drops, Band-aids, pain reliever, & cold medicine.

Alcohol based hand sanitizer to carry with you

Disinfectant wipes (e.g. Clorox) to prevent spread of germs in your living space

Student Health Insurance Information Update:  Due to the low level of student participation & significant benefit utilization in the past few years, the College was not able to secure renewal rates for the student health insurance policy. 

If you need health insurance we suggest the following options:

1.  If you are under 26 you may remain on your parents' insurance.

2.  If that is not a possibility go to   and apply.    

You may enroll immediately if you have had any of the following special events:

·      Loss of insurance for reasons beyond your control or loss of employment.

·        Major life change-marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of child.

The next open enrollment for the affordable care act will occur November 2014. That means anyone may enroll then.  Coverage will take effect 1/1/15.

IMPORTANT:  If you anticipate you will need health insurance in 2015 for a clinical requirement you MUST enroll this Fall (2014) during open enrollment. Do not wait until next year!!

4. If you already have health insurance, check with their customer service to be sure you can use it in the Rochester area.


           Urgent & Emergency Care Options

If you need assistance on campus, call Campus Safety at (585)389-2850 or use your Security Escort Alert.

See After hours drop-down for urgent care center information.


                               Our Mission

Student Health Services provides health care, education and outreach services to a diverse student population. We promote campus wellness and healthy lifestyles while encouraging personal responsibility to enhance students' capacity for reaching academic & personal goals.

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