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Social Work Information, Counseling, and Referral Services

We offer...
  • A strengths-based approach
  • Our professionals value the uniqueness of each individual and adhere to high standards of confidentiality
  • Services are free of charge
A Network of Support

The caregivers’ support group, run by Nazareth’s social work department, offers a place for loved ones to share feelings, concerns, and issues such as loss, depression, financial difficulties, and the need for self care.

Additionally, information and community resources are shared. Referrals from the social worker are made to appropriate community agencies as well as to other clinic services such as creative arts and physical therapy.

Social Work Information, Counseling, and Referral Services

Nazareth College Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute

Carroll Hall, Nazareth College

Individual, family and group counseling is available to address a variety of challenges, including:

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and trauma-related issues
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Interpersonal and family relationship difficulties
  • Anxiety and depression 

We facilitate access to community resources such as:

  • Caregiver services
  • Financial assistance
  • Health care
  • Transportation
  • Spiritual connections

And we also provide:

  • Comprehensive need assessments
  • Caregiver support groups
  • Educational seminars

For veterans and their families:

  • Family separation
  • Transition and readjustment to civilian life
  • Reconnecting with spouse/partner
  • Children's reaction to the return of a parent
  • Responsibility of care giving
  • Self care and stress management
  • Separation from military service/culture: what is the "new normal"
  • Recognizing "environmental triggers"
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