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Student Testimonials

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Student Testimonials

Thumbnail Melissa Young

Melissa Young's Experience: 

"The BSW program at Nazareth College has been an amazing, life-changing experience for me. The social work department became a family to me and allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. The field work internships in my junior (with a community-based grassroots agency) and senior (with a hospital) years were extremely influential and critical to my development as well. I am well prepared for what lies ahead in my future and am continuing onto my next step in life with the skills, values, memories, and friendships that the BSW program at Nazareth College gave to me. "


Thumbnail Student Testimonial Picture-Traci

Traci DeLario's Experience: 

"As an adult returning to school, I found the Social Work Department at Nazareth College to be extremely appealing. The classes are very flexible and made to fit the needs of individuals who work full time as well. I was able to stay on track with the cohort I came in with and finish the program in two and a half years. The faculty is extremely understanding of 'life situations' and do the best they can to accommodate the personal needs of the students. In addition, I found the students to be mature and ready to learn. I did not feel as if I was going to school with 'typical college kids.' There were also many other adults returning to school like myself, so I never felt alone. As a matter of fact, I was able to create meaningful friendships with many of my classmates. I have had a wonderful experience as a social work major at Nazareth College, and would recommend the program to anyone who is looking to 'make a difference' in their life and the lives of others!"


Thumbnail Student Testimonial Picture-Gwen

Gwendolyn J. Clifton's Experience: 

"The part-time social work evening program has helped to ease my fears of higher learning by providing a supportive faculty that encouraged me and nudged me out of my comfort zone. As an adult student, it is imperative for my life to have balance within my family, work, and school, which Nazareth was able to provide because many of the classes were one time a week. Now that I’m at the completion of the program, I realize that I haven’t missed my opportunity to make a difference, and I am equipped to create opportunity! Thank you Nazareth College!"


Thumbnail Student Testimonial Picture-Denise

Denise Hynson's Experience:

"After being out of school for over 17 years, going into Nazareth College's social work program felt intimidating. The faculty was able to put my fears at ease quickly, because they were understanding, friendly, supportive, flexible, and empathetic about life experiences. What is also fabulous about the program is that the faculty challenges their students to think critically when it comes to processing new information. It is really great to have social work professors who are ethically inclined and who really care if you are successful. It is impressive when the chair of the social work department and her colleagues have an open-door policy for their students. They believed in me and my passion to be a social worker, so they encouraged me to go for my MSW. I applied to the Greater Rochester Collaborative MSW Program and was accepted, thanks to their encouragement."


Thumbnail Student Testimonial Picture-Luke

John Lukach's Experience: 

"The best part of the BSW program at Nazareth College is the sense of community.  All of the professors and staff know you and they're all very approachable.  The class sizes are small and you generally have the same group of people in your courses who experience the journey alongside you. It really helps you to grow as a person. "


Thumbnail Student Testimonial Picture-Robert

Robert Watson's Experience:

"The Nazareth College evening social work program accommodates nontraditional students by making it possible to attend school while working full time and raising a family. This program allowed me to further my education while providing for myself and my family. The faculty and staff provided an atmosphere that made learning interactive with real-life experiences and supported each student's needs in an individual way. Without the part-time social work evening program's flexibility, I would not have had the opportunity to excel professionally."





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