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PT Facilities

The Physical Therapy faculty offices are on the main level of Nazareth's Carroll Hall and are in close proximity to the instructional facilities, which are on the main and lower levels of the same wing of the building. This is convenient since students generally schedule meetings around class times. Carroll HallAlso, if students have questions while using the laboratory during open lab hours, a faculty member is usually within close proximity to address issues as they arise.

Classroom Space

The dedicated Physical Therapy classrooms are equipped with a computer-driven instructor's workstation that includes ceiling projection for software and videotaped programs. The system also accommodates remote access to the Internet and other college network-supported programs. Laboratory space is close by, allowing ease of movement for demonstrations and treatment applications.

Computer Lab

Also on the lower level of Carroll Hall, a dedicated bank of eight computers are available for physical therapy student use. These are equipped with discipline-specific software to augment textbooks and lecture materials.

Clinical Teaching Space

A clinical laboratory is located in the lower level of Carroll Hall. It can be divided into three self-contained sections by ceiling-to-floor partitions, allowing the sections to be accessed and operated as independent units. Students often use the laboratory to practice pragmatics, meet in groups to discuss and work on projects, and to engage in research activities. Each section of the laboratory has a purpose. One section of the laboratory has powered treatment tables and a dedicated water supply for hydrotherapy equipment. It is used for physical agents and orthopaedic instruction. The largest section of the laboratory houses rehabilitative equipment and is used for the neurology and rehabilitation classes. It also has powered treatment tables.

Clinical Research

The clinical research area contains a Motion Analysis laboratory with state of the art equipment. In close proximity is the Neurocom Balance and data analysis stations. Motion Lab StudentTogether these provide students with the opportunity to conduct clinical research alongside faculty mentors.

Clients in the community benefit from these unique approaches to measuring gait, balance, and movement dysfunction.

On Site Clinic

Since January, 2004, the Physical Therapy program has had students treating patients in Carroll Hall 120. This clinic provides authentic experiential learning opportunities. PT on-site clinicUnder the supervision of full- and part-time faculty, students are able to immediately apply concepts and techniques learned in coursework. Both the Gait Rite and Lite Gait systems are available for client evaluation, intervention, and research.

Most recently a Home Transitions Clinic/Lab has been added to provide students with an authentic environment in which to teach clients the skills necessary to function in the complexities of the home environment.

Movement Analysis Lab

The Movement Analysis Laboratory is fully equipped with a 7 camera, 3-dimensional, digital motion capture system (Vicon, Centennial, CO), 3 force platforms, and a state-of-the-art wireless electromyographic system for measuring muscle activity. Together, the equipment can be used to measure movement and the forces that produce movement in persons with musculoskeletal pain problems and neuromuscular disorders. In particular the laboratory provides the ability to more objectively measure musculoskeletal and neuromuscular impairments and examine the effectiveness of physical therapy intervention. This could be used for people with stroke, brain injury, sports injuries, or any other movement dysfunction.

Keeping with the mission of Nazareth College, the laboratory was designed to be used for research, teaching and community service. The research studies conducted in the laboratory promote faculty and student scholarship and collaboration and provide evidence on which to base physical therapy examination and intervention. The system is also used for teaching purposes to illustrate the principles of biomechanics and neuromuscular control during laboratories in courses across the Physical Therapy curriculum. The laboratory is a welcome extension of Nazareth College’s Physical Therapy Clinic, serving the Nazareth community and under-served individuals in the Greater Rochester Area.

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