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Admission Standards

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Freshman OT Admission Criteria

The BS/MS Occupational Therapy Program at Nazareth College accepts applicants for full-time study from the freshman year. Students are admitted directly into the program as freshman and are not required to reapply for admission to the graduate phase of the program.  To apply, prospective students must complete the Nazareth College Application which can be found at To increase the opportunity for acceptance into the OT program, the student should adhere to the application deadlines found on the Nazareth College website.

In order to be considered for direct acceptance into the occupational therapy program, as a freshman, prospective students must show evidence of good academic performance in high school and a genuine interest in the profession of occupational therapy.  All students are required to meet the following criteria:

1. A high school average of 85% or higher, or a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.

2. Successful completion and demonstrated ability in the following high school courses with a grade of B or higher is recommended:

  • Two years of Math
  • One year of Biology with a lab
  • A Physics course

Transfer Student Admissions

Transfer students are accepted on a competitive, space-available basis in the second year of the BS/MS program (see requirements below). A minimum grade of C in any previously taken science courses is required to be accepted into the occupational therapy program. Science courses considered for acceptance must have been taken within 5 years of the student’s application to the OT Program.  Point of entry depends on the number of transfer credits accepted by the registrar, including major course requirements.  All of the science courses required in the OT curriculum (BIO 112, BIO 150, BIO 151) must be completed successfully with a grade of C prior to entering into OTR 313: Gross Anatomy which is offered in the summer between the sophomore and junior years.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Transferring into OT as a Sophomore

If a student transfers into the OT program he or she will have their credits evaluated by the Registrar’s Office. Transfer students who are accepted into the OT Program are typically admitted as sophomores for the OT Program’s purposes. The Occupational Therapy program requires a minimum of a C in science courses and a B- in any undergraduate occupational therapy courses. Pass/Fail grades are not acceptable for transfer. Grades accepted for transfer from other institutions are not included in the student’s GPA calculation at Nazareth.

The student should also have taken BIO 112: Biological Systems with a lab and BIO 150; Anatomy and Physiology I with a lab, or their equivalent. Both of these courses will require a minimum grade of C to be accepted into the OT Program. If these courses are transferred and accepted from another academic program, the student must also have obtained a minimum grade of C to be accepted into OT.

All three of the science courses required by the OT Program: BIO 112, BIO 150, BIO 151 must be taken and successfully passed with a C, prior to taking OTR 310: Gross Anatomy which is offered only in the summer between the sophomore and the junior years.

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