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Newsworthy - Fall 2012

Newsworthy - Fall 2012

Falling Leaves Edition - Fall 2012 Welcome New and Returning Students!

Important Dates

Advisement - Spring 2013

October 25 through November 9, 2012

Important Dates

Sign up for appointments with your Nursing Faculty Advisor by using the purple folders located outside of their faculty offices.  Come prepared with a printout of your Program Evaluation Plan and the list of courses you plan to take for the Spring 2013

Save The Date - December 5, 2012
The Annual End of Semester and Holiday Party will be held on Wednesday, December 5th at 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. in the Nursing Conference Room.


Falling Leaves Edition, Fall 2012

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a restorative summer.

The Nursing Department was busy through the summer welcoming new faculty and re-arranging existing faculty.  Ms. Forth has accepted a full-time position with us.  Drs. Carr-Warner and Carmody-Payne  have joined us.  They both are experienced faculty members and we are very excited to have them come to Nazareth to share their expertise and enthusiasm.  Please join me in welcoming all three to their new positions.

Ms. Lovett and I re-arranged the Student Handbook

Nursing Student Handbook.pdf — PDF document, 814Kb

We have tried to organize it so that the policies are easier to find as they relate to where you are in the program.  Please share your thoughts once you have read it through.  It should be a ready resource for you.  Future updates will be made on the website, but we wanted you to have a hard copy as this is our new and improved edition.

As you review the Student Handbook. you will also see that I have re-ordered the courses and tightening up the sequencing of content.  The new program is in effect for new students beginning this fall,m but feel free to take any new course that looks interesting to you.

I look forward to chatting with you throughout the semester.

Jeanine SantelliJeanine Santelli,

Professor and Chair of Nursing


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