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Newsworthy Fall 2013

Dr. Lynda Dimitroff

Dr. Lynda Dimitroff

Ms. Christine O'Brien

Ms. Christine O'Brien

Dr. Jennifer Reid

Dr. Jennifer Reid

Introducing New Faculty

Dr. Lynda Dimitroff

Ms. Christine O'Brien

Dr. Jennifer Reid

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Faculty Presentations

Dr. Marie Bell, EdD, GNP, RN, "Falls Prevention" Friday, October 11, 2013 8:00 a.m - 9:00 a.m. GAC 38

Dr. Lynda Dimitroff, PhD, RN, "Me and my cello: The love of a lifetime" Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. Wilmot Recital Hall

Newsworthy Fall 2013

Welcome back!


Another exciting semester is off to a roaring start. You may have noticed a few bright, shiny, new additions to the department: Drs. Reid and Dimitroff, the wall calendar, and the carpet. Dr. Reid will be taking  404 (Care of Older Adults II)  from me in the Spring and will be teaching 201 ( Intro to Transcultural Nursing) and 103 (Health Care Terminology) as well. Dr. Dimitroff will be holding down the fort in the clinical lab for 301 ( Foundations) students, helping with 435L, (Nursing Leadership clinicals) and continuing with 350 (Evidence Based Practice). You will also be happy to see that Ms. O’Brien has joined us fulltime and will be leading 406 (Mental Health) and 406L (Mental Health lab). Ms. Capellazzi is now teaching 105 ( Pharmacology Calculations) in addition to her clinical/lab coordinator role.



I am happy to let you know that our NCLEX-RN pass rate continues to improve. We have seen a 9% increase over the past two years. We are confident that that trend will continue as you all move through the program. A new piece that we have in place this semester is the Success Coach. It is explained in the 2013-2014 Nursing Student Handbook. Dr. Carmody-Payne is very excited to be your Success Coach.


 I wish you a great semester and much success!

Jeanine Seguin Santelli, PhD, ANP-C/GNP-C
Professor and Chair of Nursing
Nazareth College
Smyth Hall
4245 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14618


Preparing a Global Nursing Workforce: Nazareth College is First in Nation by Mary Dahl Maher, Coordinator for Nursing International Study Abroad

The official start of summer begins with graduation and I am happy to share the success of our most recent Nursing Dual Degree graduates- Leigh Quenin and Bethany Notebaert from Nazareth College. Annaleena Huusko and Jaana Savolainen from our partner, Laurea University, traveled from Finland for commencement ceremonies and we extend our congratulations to Janos Bednar and Katalin Sebesta of Semmelweis University who were unable to travel from Budapest.


President Daan Braveman signed a Memo of Understanding with Laurea University to continue our exchange though the original FIPSE grant, which funded the project, has ended. Nazareth College is the first program in the United States to offer nursing students the ability to complete a four year program which includes a year study abroad and enables them to receive both a US and EU baccalaureate degree.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Mary Dahl Maher to apply for one of the two annual spaces.

Midwives for Haiti: Service in Global Health by Dr. Mary Maher

This summer, I had the opportunity to teach students in the Midwives for Haiti educational program. I traveled with another college professor who teaches at George Fox University who I first met as a “study buddy” in midwifery school. We also share a passion for global health and have Master degrees in Public Health.

Although our individual time was short, this is a sustainable project with certified midwives from the US coming weekly bringing expertise, supplies and monetary funding to support the Haitian midwives, who are the formal instructors. We received permission to take some photos to share our work.

We safely arrived in Hinche after a three-hour trip to this city in the Central Plateau. Our excellent driver, Ronel, managed to arrange ten people with 20 pieces of supply-filled luggage in a small jeep. We rotated between a homemade bench in back of the cab with one in the open flatbed. Although we saw little of Port-au-Prince, there are still piles of rubble from the earthquake lining the airport road.

We began Sunday by attending Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral with a congregation of local Haitians as well as international workers including UN peacekeepers. The creativity of Haitians was evident in our new mode of transportation- chairs in a trailer attached to motorcycle. We spent an afternoon at the Missionary Sisters of Charity Children's Home where children come to receive nutrition therapy. We held and snuggled children between feedings and play, then had our first Creole lesson in the afternoon.

St. Therese Hospital is the local public hospital where we spent two days mentoring midwifery students under the tutelage of Mirline, a very talented and enthusiastic midwifery instructor. We attended the births of healthy babies and were heartened to witness the effective treatment programs for HIV positive mothers. Another volunteer organized layette sets to be given to each new baby.

In order to reach women who live in rural areas, Midwives for Haiti sponsors a Mobile Clinic in 16 different areas over the course of a month. So this busy day, we piled into a truck with two midwives and two midwifery students to travel two hours over unpaved and rutted roads to see women at an improvised site. It was so humbling to meet and see the strength and resilience of the mothers. Back at our room in the school, we had our fourth night of goat for dinner. -the creative cook spent a labor-intensive afternoon with ground goat meat pastry - a work of art!

During our teaching day, we provided classroom lectures, with the help of our translator – Emmanuel, on sexually transmitted infections as well as the safe management of a breech presentation at birth. As college professors in the US, we were struck at the similarity of classroom dynamics. At first, reticent to participate, students became very engaged once we were able to get them to relax. They were generally well-prepared to discuss diagnosis and treatment of infection but were transfixed by the YouTube videos of breech delivery.

On the morning of our final working day, we attended a poignant graduation ceremony for 34 Matrons- traditional birth attendants who completed a 20 week program in how to recognize complications of pregnancy and to use safe techniques for the women in their rural areas who give birth at home. In the afternoon, we did case studies with the midwifery students and invited them to teach us about the cultural aspects of pregnancy and birth in Haiti. We also went to carpenter's shop to check out the newborn resuscitation carts and to the market for mangoes and avocados. Our last night in Hinche was marked by a spectacular party at the Maison Fortune girls' home. We ate lots of delicious plantains and danced to the universal language of music including Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and "Gangam" style.

Our contribution may be small but we are sustained by the motto of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “In this life, we can do no great things…only small things with great love.”

Please visit the website and please mention my name if you choose to contribute. THANK you -Di ou MÈSI!!!

Nursing Club is Off the a Great Start

Nursing Club Upcoming Events/Update The nursing club has a lot of exciting ideas for this upcoming school year. Our first meeting was held on the 18th of September at 12:30 PM. For the most part this time seemed to accommodate most of the students and appeared to be the most convenient time to host meetings. The first meeting was a success as we were able to introduce some of the nursing faculty, address upcoming fundraisers, charities, and volunteer work. We also addressed some other aspects such as a big brother/big sister program for incoming nursing freshmen.

Some of the hopeful ideas for nursing club this year include:  Breast Cancer Walk/ Sex-trafficking Walk  Fleece/clothing sale orders  Clothing drives  Big Brother/Big Sister Program  Tutoring Open Hours for nursing students to work on Care Plans, skills, scheduling conflicts, etc.  Nearby Hospitals and Recruiter information  Information for Sophomores/Juniors for summer internship programs nearby  Panel of different types of nurses in March (Traveling nurses, nurse anesthetist, flight nurses, nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, etc.)

….And Much More! Overall, we are very excited about this upcoming year for nursing club and are extremely open to any ideas or programs the student body would like to take part in!

Our Next meeting is going to be on Wednesday, October 9th in the Nursing conference room at 12:30 PM, food will be provided.

Thanks to everyone for all the support present in our first meeting as well as the continued support! Carley Molisani (President), Guadalupe Perez (VP), Lauren Miller (Secretary), and Juliet Wong (Treasurer) IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!

Introducing Dr. Lynda Dimitroff

Dr. Lynda J. Dimitroff received her BSN at the SUNY College at Brockport, a MSEd in Grief Counseling at the SUNY University at Buffalo, and a PhD in Health Education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Dr. Dimitroff, a registered nurse and an advanced certified health education specialist has worked as an educator in higher education, hospice, palliative care, and long-term care. Prior to this position, she worked as the Leader of the Department of Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice at Rochester General Hospital. Dr. Dimitroff is the Co-Chairperson of the Finger Lakes Research Alliance and Chair of the Finger Lakes Region Future of Nursing Initiative - IOM Recommendation #7: Preparing and enabling nurses to lead change to advance health. She was recently selected to be a Magnet Appraiser for the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Recognition Program.

Dr. Dimitroff has supervised over 45 nursing research studies. Presently, Dr. Dimitroff is working on two research projects, the first is looking at women’s emotions prior to their diagnoses with breast cancer, and the second is exploring why women who have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer do not have routine mammograms.

Advisement/Course Selection for Spring 2014

Advisement for Spring 2014 dates are Thursday October 24, through Friday, November 8th. You can select an appointment for advisement in the purple advisement folders located outside in the office door of your faculty advisor. Please come prepared with your Program Evaluation Plan and a list of courses you wish to take.

Introducing Dr. Jennifer Reid

Dr. Jennifer Reid is a native of Jamaica West Indies. She attended Brooklyn College where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences in1979. She later attended Alfred University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1991. She earned a Masters of Science in Gerontological Nurse Practitioner at Nazareth College in 2006 and in July of 2010 Dr. Jennifer completed coursework at St. John Fisher College to earn an Ed.D doctorate degree in Education and Executive Leadership. Dr. Reid has served as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at The College at Brockport SUNY, and as Vice President of Academic Affairs at Global Health College in Alexandria, Virginia. Jennifer and her husband Howard celebrated 34 years of marriage this August and have the pleasure of parenting 3 wonderful sons. They currently have five grandchildren, and expecting the sixth in January 2014.

Introducing Ms. Christine O'Brien

Christine O'Brien joined our nursing faculty and brings over 30 years experience working in many different venues of mental health, leadership and teaching positions. She will be the point person coordinating Nur 406. Christine is originally from the Bronx and moved to Rochester after completing her Nursing Bachelors. She launched her nursing career working on a Adolescent Pediatric Unit at Strong Memorial Hospital. After this, her primary focus became psychiatric nursing and has cover the gamut of inpatient acute care, partial hospitalization care, and long term care for persons with chronic mental illness. For 10 years, Chris established a private practice in which she specialized in treatment care of people struggling with eating disorders and/or sexual abuse recovery. For the past 20 years, Chris has been both practicing clinically and teaching. During this time, she was a research therapist providing cognitive behavioral interventions to treat insomnia in patients who suffered with chronic pain. What has been her most fulfilling role is "being a nurse's nurse." In the leadership development of others, Chris previously coordinated a yearly internship for nurses and provided personal coaching to enhance their leadership skills. Teaching here at Nazareth is a new extension of her interest to grow and empower others in the provision of nursing care. Chris lives in Penfield with her husband and 2 teenage children. She describes herself as a "work in progress and moving in the right direction." We are glad she found her way here!

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