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Greetings from the Chair

Greetings from the Chair

Oh My Goodness, She’s At It Again!

I saw a few of you eating lunch, recently, in the new nursing student lounge, so some of you have found it already. Thank you to the Nursing Club for being our hostesses. Please enjoy the space to relax and quietly socialize. We moved the refrigerator out of the lab and into the nursing lounge, so please feel free to label and tuck your lunches in the frig. Anything left in the frig on Fridays gets tossed. The giant ancient microwave scared me, so I had it removed. You will need to run next door to the Cab to nuke your food. Please keep in mind the faculty offices that are right there. This is a pilot program – if the noise or debris build up, then the space will be reallocated. Once we get our promised (sigh!) renovations, then we will have a designated space that will not be so close to faculty offices. In the meantime, welcome to the neighborhood!

Ms. Chris O’Brien is a visiting faculty member this semester. She will be teaching the mental health course. She comes to us from the University of Rochester. Please make her feel welcome and help her find her way around campus.

Dr. Carmody-Payne is now our lead faculty member for pediatrics. She and I have been discussing all sorts of interesting possibilities for your course and clinical this semester.

Dr. Carr-Warner and I will be the lead med/surg team this semester, so brace yourselves! We haven’t teamed up since you folks were in kindergarten, so we are having way too much fun working on these courses.

Additional new faces that you will see are the 24 (!) Spring transfer students plus many internal transfers who “saw the light!”

Our NCLEX pass rates have improved, and we are continuing to “beef up” the program to increase your success rate. The May 2011 grads have a 68.9% pass rate, so far. The May 2012 grads have a 75.86% pass rate, so far. These improving scores are due to the hard work of the faculty to improve the learning environment by increasing the rigor of the program through course content improvement, expanding clinical opportunities, and standardizing policies. These improving scores also reflect the hard work and perseverance of the nursing students as you take responsibility for your own success and professional growth.

Have a great semester!

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