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CAT 692- Yoga Therapy Principles & Applications

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CAT 692- Yoga Therapy Principles & Applications

Dates: 6/1/13; 6/2/13; 6/7/13; 6/8/13
Time: 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM

Place- DAN Shults studio and CH 243 

Description: Introduction to the principles and practice of meditation and yoga techniques for clinical practice.
The course will be an experiential presentation of meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama), ethical principles (yamas & niyamas) and postures (asana) that benefit common mental health problems. Students will gain an understanding of how meditation and yoga enhance neuroplasticity and effect the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to support improved mental health symptoms.
Students will learn how to guide clients in a variety of classic pranayama exercises, as well as modern relaxation techniques to trigger the desired nervous system response.
Students will gain an understanding of metaphysical significance of specific postures and how to select appropriate postures based on client’s symptoms and complaints.
Students will learn how the ethical principles of yoga (yamas & niyamas) can support cognitive behavioral therapies.
Students will be exposed to variety of yoga therapy modalities currently in practice.
Students will learn:

  • Introduction to the neuroscience of meditation, breathing techniques and yoga, and how it impacts brain function.
  • Theory of transformational bodywork will be connected to cognitive, emotional and psychotherapeutic principles.
  • Meditation, pranayama and relaxation techniques.
  • Physical postures appropriate use in clinical setting.

Suggested prerequisites are a basic understanding of yoga (CAT 691).
More information coming ---
• CAT 693-Yoga Philosophy & Anatomy- 3 credits
Dates: Coming soon

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