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Music Therapy Program

Music Therapy Group


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Music Therapy Program

Music therapy is an established health care profession that uses music in the context of a therapeutic relationship to address the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals of all ages. Through comprehensive supervision by expert music therapy faculty and extensive interdisciplinary clinical experiences both on and off-campus, Nazareth’s music therapy degree program teaches students to become highly skilled practitioners with expertise in assessment, treatment and professional collaboration.

This specialization offers you an opportunity to gain and refine skills in an interdisciplinary, personalized setting. The on-campus clinic serves children and adults and music therapy is provided as a stand-alone service or in co-treatment with Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Art Therapy. Further diverse clinical experience is possible because of the over 50 music therapists working in the greater Rochester area.

The 48 hour program is for MT-BCs (board-certified music therapists) who wish to pursue a master's degree.  The program includes intensive work in psychotherapeutic applications, in order to prepare students for New York State licensure, but MT-BCs who wish to focus on medical, educational or other specializations have that opportunity as part of advanced clinical education and advanced music therapy coursework.   The 60 hour program is for people with undergraduate degrees in music (i.e., BA in Music, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education) and begins with 12 hours of music therapy "equivalency" coursework and clinical education and then proceeds into the master's level curriculum.

Courses take place in the late afternoon and evening during the Fall, Spring, and first Summer semesters.  Students should expect to be attending classes September through June and, during one summer, July.  The 48-hour clinical education requirement (500 hours) can be fulfilled at a current music therapy job, or the faculty can arrange a placement in the MT-BCs desire area of practice.  60-hour students will first complete 180 hours of clinical education in 1-to-2 hour placements in the on-campus clinic or in the community with local MT-BCs.  After completing these "pre-internship" hours, each student will complete an internship: approximately 1040 hours of full-time practice at a facility with an MT-BC.

To learn more about the courses you can click here to view the electronic catalog.

For more information, download these "Frequently-Asked Questions" documents:

48-Hour Music Therapy Masters Program

60-Hour Music Therapy Masters-Equivalency Program

LCAT - NY State Creative Arts Therapy License

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