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Communication Sciences & Disorders Department

Communication Sciences & Disorders Department


Team Players

Our programs encourage inter-professional understanding and collaboration.

Interview: Dr. Dawn Vogler-Elias

Listen to Dr. Dawn Vogler-Elias, assistant professor in communication sciences and disorders, talk to WXXI Dawn Vogler Eliasradio's Bob Smith about autism advocacy.

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Speech language pathologists and audiologists help people develop, improve, or regain their ability to communicate.

Communicating complex and abstract concepts through the use of language is a uniquely human ability. Speech, language and hearing problems significantly affect the quality of life of millions of people both young and old, throughout the world.

What we do makes a difference. You can too!

Program Offerings

B.S. Communication Sciences and Disorders

The undergraduate program provides students with the theoretical background for graduate study in Speech Language Pathology or Audiology. Students study normal aspects of human communication and explore the various disorders that affect communication across the lifespan.


This undergraduate minor is designed to enhance students’ knowledge of sound, hearing, and audiology. Students learn the principles in acoustics and psychoacoustics, the anatomy and physiology of the ear and of hearing, aural rehabilitation, and the professional practice of audiology.

M.S. Speech Language Pathology 

From individualized programs to meet specific interests, to extensive hands-on clinical experience, students in Nazareth’s Speech Pathology graduate program gain knowledge and practical skills to evaluate, treat, and advocate for individuals with communication and swallowing disorders.

Deafness Specialty Concentration

This specialization within the Speech Language Pathology graduate program prepares speech-language pathologists to work with families and children who are deaf or hard of hearing to promote their spoken language and literacy and maximize their potential for academic and social success. 

Extended Graduate Speech Language Pathology Option

This program is designed for individuals who have undergraduate degrees in areas other than communication sciences and disorders but who wish to pursue a graduate speech pathology degree.

Interdisciplinary Specialty Program in Autism

I-SPAN is a graduate-level program that prepares professionals to work with individuals with autism across the lifespan. The nine-credit  sequence examines a variety of contemporary topics related to best practices in person-centered support of individuals with autism in multiple settings.

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