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Social Work Services

Social Work Services


Social workers can assist individuals and help them identify strengths and develop strategies to make positive changes in their lives, including interactions with families, groups, organizations, and communities. Services can include client/caregiver counseling, program referrals, service network advocacy, education, consultation, and family/caregiver support groups.

Potential Clients

Clients and their caregivers often face numerous challenges, including a sense of loss, frustration, isolation, and depression. They may need services such as transportation and home health aides, managing caregiver responsibilities and stress, family impact of health-related issues, and more.

Session Schedule

The clinic offers weekly sessions. Sessions follow the Nazareth College semester schedule and may occur in an individual or a small group format, depending upon client needs and clinic scheduling factors.

Student Clinicians

Therapy services are provided by students in the master’s of social work program. All therapy provided by students is supervised by social work faculty licensed by the New York State Office of the Professions.


Clients are referred to the clinic from any number of sources, including other clinics and clients, case managers, physicians, therapists, and community social workers.

Eligibility and Fees

The clinic offers affordable services to individuals who are no longer eligible for services under their health care coverage. Please contact the clinic for the current cost of service.


The social work services are provided on the Nazareth campus in Carroll Hall. The clinic space is handicap accessible.


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