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Physical Therapy Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Wellness Group

Physical Therapy Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Wellness Group


Multiple sclerosis is a disease process that affects muscle endurance and strength. Exercise can help improve some of the symptoms associated with MS and improve people’s overall level of fitness. The multiple sclerosis wellness group gives an opportunity for people with MS to exercise with oversight from professionals trained in exercise and who are knowledgeable about exercise modification related to the disease process.

Potential Participants

The group is open to anyone with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The program is designed for people who are independent enough to perform exercises with some assistance. It is not designed to take the place of physical therapy treatment.

Session Schedule

The MS wellness group provides a one-hour exercise program once a week. Day and evening times are available. The program runs for ten weeks, following the Nazareth College semester schedule, and offers various types of exercises, including weight training, balance training, abdominal strengthening, cardiovascular endurance training, and stretching.

Student Clinicians

Therapy services are provided by students in the doctor of physical therapy professional program under the supervision of licensed physical therapist faculty, according to the standards of the New York State Office of the Professions.


Participants must have a physician’s medical clearance to exercise. Clients are referred to the clinic from any number of sources, including the MS Society of Western NY, other clinics and clients, case managers, physicians, and social workers.

Eligibility and Fees

The wellness program is free to anyone with a diagnosis of MS.


The multiple sclerosis wellness group meets at a variety of locations across campus, depending upon the availability of exercise facilities. Parking is conveniently located and fully accessible.

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