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Brain Injury Clinic

Brain Injury Clinic


This clinic provides speech, language, and cognitive services for individuals with acquired brain injuries. It embraces a life participation approach to treatment, engaging clients in meaningful home and community-related activities to help them reach their educational, vocational, and recreational potential.

Potential Clients

Treatment programs are designed to focus on the speech, language, and cognitive challenges of individuals recovering from brain injuries such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, or brain tumor. It also assists with family needs for education and training. Clients may need help to improve speaking, comprehension, verbal and written language expression, or cognitive functions such as self-management, attention, memory, organization, or problem solving. Some clients may profit from exploring the use of innovative technology to improve functional communication or cognition.

Session Schedule

The clinic offers 50-minute weekly sessions. Sessions follow the Nazareth College semester schedule and may occur in an individual or a small group format, depending upon client needs and clinic scheduling factors. Therapy services are also delivered through clinical outreach to partner agencies in the community.

Student Clinicians

Therapy services are provided by students in the graduate speech-language pathology program. All therapy is supervised by faculty holding a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) and a New York State License in Speech-Language Pathology.


Clients are referred to the clinic from various sources, including current and previous clients, case managers, physicians, social workers, and community speech-language pathologists.

Eligibility and Fees

The clinic offers affordable services to children and adults. Please contact the clinic for the current cost of service. A sliding scale is available.


The brain injury clinic is located on the Nazareth campus in Carroll Hall. The clinic space is handicap accessible.

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