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Audiology/Auditory Processing Diagnostic Clinic

Audiology/Auditory Processing Diagnostic Clinic


It’s estimated that around 36 million Americans have hearing losses that interfere with their daily lives. Some individuals have listening problems not related to loss of hearing sensitivity, called auditory processing disorders. The Nazareth College audiology clinic provides diagnostic testing for both hearing loss and auditory processing disorders.

Potential Clients

The clinic serves children and adults from the Rochester community and beyond. Those experiencing difficulties attending to speech, understanding speech, remembering what has been heard, and/or tolerating noise may benefit from hearing and auditory processing testing.

Session Schedule

The basic hearing test protocol involves a one- to two-hour test session that includes an intake interview, testing, and a counseling session about the test results. Following testing a detailed report, including recommendations, is provided. The auditory processing test protocol involves a minimum of two two-hour test sessions several days apart that include an intake interview, basic hearing testing, general and specific auditory processing testing, and a counseling session about the test results. A detailed report of the findings and appropriate recommendations is then generated. The clinic schedule follows the Nazareth College semester schedule.

Student Clinicians

Services are provided by students in the communication sciences and disorders department under direct supervision by a faculty member holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) and the New York State License in Audiology.


Clients are referred to the clinic from any number of sources, including other clinics and clients, case managers, physicians, social workers, teachers, and community speech-language therapists.

Eligibility and Fees

The clinic offers affordable services to children and adults. Please contact the clinic for the current cost of service. A sliding fee scale is available.


The audiology clinic is found on the Nazareth campus in Carroll Hall. The clinic space is handicap accessible.

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