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Art Therapy Clinic

Art Therapy Clinic


Art therapy uses creative visual expression as a form of communication to expand self-awareness. It can help individuals to resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and achieve insight. Art therapy can be used as both a primary and adjunctive treatment modality.

Art therapists are licensed mental health professionals trained in art and psychotherapy. They are trained in assessment, research, and treatment, as well as in the use of art as a therapeutic intervention.

Student Clinicians

Therapy services are provided by students in the graduate creative arts therapy program. All therapy provided by students is supervised by registered art therapist faculty licensed by the New York State Office of Professions.

Potential Clients

The clinic serves clients of all ages, ability levels, and needs. Art therapy can be appropriate for those whose lives have been affected by trauma, transition, emotional issues, impairment, or illness.

Session Schedule

Sessions follow the Nazareth College semester schedule and may occur in an individual, family, or group format, depending upon the client needs.


Clients are referred to the clinic from any number of sources, including self/ family referrals, other clinics and clients, case managers, physicians, social workers, and community art therapists.


Art therapy services are offered to individuals and groups that have limited access to art therapy services elsewhere in the community due to geographical or financial factors.


The art therapy clinic is found on Nazareth campus in Carroll Hall. The clinic space is handicap accessible.

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