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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are part time jobs in academic, administrative or athletic areas that are awarded on a competitive basis. GA's work approximately 10 hours per week during a 15-week semester, and in exchange, receive a tuition waiver for a 3-credit hour course. Partial assistantships (typically 1 or 1.5 credits of tuition waiver) are also available.

  • Open GA positions are posted through NazLink. Fall semester positions go live on May 1st, and spring semester positions go live November 1.
  • GA positions requiring a specific major (such as physical therapy or speech-language pathology) may be advertised internally within the academic department.

Need more information?

Contact Tonya Guzman, Office of Graduate Admissions at 585-389-2821 or

Graduate Assistantships FAQ

What are graduate assistantships?

Graduate assistantships are part-time jobs in campus departments that provide financial support and valuable experience to graduate students. Assistantships are exciting opportunities for graduate students to support faculty/staff in the areas of research, special projects, and with administrative duties.

How do assistantships work?

Graduate assistantships provide a tuition waiver in exchange for work in a college office. It is applied to graduate study during the term in which the work of the assistantship is being completed. Typically, a student works 10 hours per week during a 15 week semester in exchange for the tuition equivalent of one three-credit hour course.

Who is eligible?

Assistantships are awarded each semester to both full and part-time graduate students. In order to apply, a student must already be accepted into a graduate program. Unless otherwise indicated in a particular job description, students are eligible for all assistantships, regardless if the assistantship is sponsored through their particular graduate program's School/College.

What Departments and Offices Offer Assistantship Opportunities?

Assistantships can be found in many areas across all Schools and Colleges on campus. Departments such as art, biology, education, the First Year Center, Admissions, Center for Service Learning, and many more sponsor graduate assistantships.

Can I apply to more than one assistantship at a time?

Yes, you may. To do so, submit a cover letter and resume specific to each position you would like to pursue.

How do I apply?

  • All graduate assistantship opportunities are posted through the NazLink job posting system
  • Visit NazLink to register, view postings, and submit your resume and cover letter on-line.
  • Need help negotiating NazLink? Here is a step-by-step guide: NazLink Guide


Graduate assistantship opportunities for Fall positions are typically posted May 1st. Spring assistantships are typically posted in late November/early December. Currently enrolled and accepted students will receive an e-mail notification when the postings are available for review and application. Remember, all postings will be listed on the NazLink site, and all applicants must submit cover letter and resume through NazLink.

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