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Faculty Fulbright Scholars

Paula BrownDr. Paula Brown

Professor of Speech-Language Pathology
Hungary (2012)



Monica Weis Portrait

Prof. Monica Weis

Professor of English

Hungary (2011)

Dr. Weis taught American literature at the University of Pannonia in Veszprém.



Prof. Scott Campbell

Professor of Philosophy
Hungary (2008)
Dr. Campbell taught American philosophy at the University of Pannonia in Veszprém.

TempleProf. Matthew Temple

Professor of Biology
Hungary (2008)
Dr. Temple taught biomedical informatics and genetics at the Semmelweis University Health Care Faculty in Budapest.  He collaborated with Semmelweis faculty on integrating these topics into undergraduate health care and science programs.

MadiganProf. Mark Madigan

Professor of English
Slovenia (2004)
Dr. Madigan taught American literature at the University of Ljubljana.  He was a Fulbright Specialist in Zadar, Croatia, in 2009 and in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2005 and 2006.

O'BrienProf. Leigh O'Brien

Sweden (2004)
Dr. O'Brien taught and conducted research at the Stockholm Institute of Education. She studied how the Swedish societal zeitgeist informs the nation's early care and education practices for children with special needs.

RitchieProf. Dennis Ritchie

Honduras (2001)
Dr. Ritchie taught and conducted research at the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

KiptonProf. Kipton Jensen

Germany (1998-99)
Dr. Jensen taught American Philosophy at Martin-Luther University in Wittenberg.

SusetteProf. Susette Graham

Poland (1992-93)
Dr. Graham taught English at the University of Gdansk.

SutherlandProf. Alec Sutherland

Professor Emeritus of English
Sri Lanka (1990-91)
Dr. Sutherland taught at the University of Kelaniya.
Yemen (1984-85)
Dr. Sutherland taught American literature and English language at the University of San'a.

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