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Foreign Languages Department

Foreign Languages Department


Nazareth College offers degree programs in the languages, literatures, and cultures of French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. Students may also study several semesters of Japanese, Arabic, and Russian.

Students from the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department are prepared for effective professional interaction within the cultures and languages of their majors. They major in foreign language and culture to advance in: the professional marketplace, the teaching profession, Ph.D. programs, MBA and law programs.

Degree Program Offerings

Nazareth's language programs may be combined with childhood or adolescence education certification.

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  • German

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  • Italian

    The study of Italian at Nazareth College is an immersive experience in the culture, literature, art, and people of Italy. Students study abroad in Florence or Pescara. Learn More

  • Spanish

    At the heart of the Spanish program is The Casa Hispana, a place where students enjoy a variety of events relating to the culture of Spain and the Latin American countries. Learn More

  • Chinese

    The study of Chinese at Nazareth is an immersive experience that provides students with concentrated training in Mandarin, the standard modern Chinese language. Learn more

  • Modern Foreign Languages

    Students in Nazareth's Modern Foreign Languages program focus on the study of two different languages. Learn more

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