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Emerson Language Lab

Language Lab
Lab Location and Schedule

Emerson Language Lab is located in
Golisano 421

Fall 2014 Lab Schedule Week 1

Fall 2014 Lab Schedule Week 2

For More Information

Birgit Deir
Emerson Language Lab Director
Office: GAC - 425

To enhance the learning process, the Foreign Languages Department includes a fully-equipped Language Lab. The main purpose of the lab is to provide language students with practice in the spoken language.

The Lab is equipped with 21 Dell computers, headsets with microphones, and an assortment of interactive multimedia programs, including voice-recognition and recording software. The Lab's sophisticated class management system facilitates a new level of communication between professors and students.

Additional Resources

Native Speakers
International students work in the lab to provide one-on-one training for lab-users.

Lab Assistants
Student lab assistants facilitate lab use and offer technical support.

Faculty Resource Room
Designed for classroom preparation, this space offers professors a printer, computers and video-editing equipment.

Seminar Room
Well-suited for meetings and small classes, this space has computers, a flat-screen TV and a DVD player for viewing a collection of foreign DVDs.

Nazareth's state-of-the-art Emerson Language Lab was made possible by a generous grant from the Emerson Foundation. Established in 2006 under the leadership of Dr. Hilda Chacon, Greg Soehner, Camille Aidala and Birgit Deir, the Lab provides students and professors access to an abundance of learning tools for languages and cultures.

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