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For Students

For Students

The Center for Student Success (CSS) is a place where you can get lots of great help and information! From "Where's the dining hall?" to "How can I become involved on campus?" we get all sorts of questions and are happy to answer them OR get the answers for you. Bring your questions to us on the ground floor of Smyth, room 22. We can help you with:

Problem Solving: Take several hundred new students from a variety of states and backgrounds, put them in rooms with complete strangers, pile on mountains of assigned readings, add the inevitable computer glitches on a day when there are 2 mid-terms papers due and, yes, a problem or two will arise! If you have a problem or just need an ear, come to the CSS. We do more than listen: we do something with the information if we hear about the same problem over and over again. We work closely with other offices to find out where students "fall through the cracks" and propose new initiatives to encourage positive student transitions.

Programming to Promote Engagement: Student leaders, faculty and staff can request funds from CSS for floor dinners, group outings, museum trips, ice cream at the canal or whatever other kind of program that is designed to promote bonding and connection to the Nazareth Community. Have an idea? Read the FUSE Guidelines and then submit your idea via the FUSE Request Form.

Emergency Fund: Sometimes things can happen that no one can plan for. When they do, sometimes CSS can help with some financial assistance to make times like this a little bit easier.

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