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First Year Programs

Nazareth has several programs that are designed to help students with the transition into college. In addition to the programs offered through The Office for First Year Resources, the following have also been developed to support and educate students so that they will become involved with the college community and succeed academically and personally:

Academic and College Success (ACS) is a one-credit course taken by all first-year students in their first semester at Nazareth College. Goals of the course include knowledge of self and others, management of college life, and personal responsibility/decision making. For more information contact the Center for Student Success at Click here.

First Year Academic Support Services is a program administered through the Academic Advisement Center. The Coordinator of this program, Mary Anne Parker-Hancock, focuses specifically on the academic needs of first year students, provides general advisement and addresses serious academic difficulties. She also works closely with the Director of the Center for Student Success to communicate about and address issues regarding first year students. For more information on Academic Advisement, click here.

First Year Experience Program (FYE) is a unique opportunity offered by Nazareth College that addresses challenges surrounding the transition between high school and college life. The FYE communities are located in the East Wing of Kearney Hall and the South side of Clock Tower Commons, which are ideal places to spend your first year at Nazareth College. For more information about the FYE program, click here.

First Year Seminar (FYS) is a 3 credit class taken by all first time college students in the Fall semester. The goals of this class are to develop academic skills in a disciplinary area, emphasizing oral communication and active learning. For more information on First Year Seminar, click here.

New Student Orientation takes place several days before the start of classes. The orientation begins with a convocation ceremony that celebrates new students and emphasizes the significance of this new journey. Then, throughout the next few days, students are acclimated by meeting peers and resource people, engage in community service activities to foster bonding and to connect to the greater Rochester community, and attend educational activities with their orientation groups to acquire information on student life at Nazareth. After Orientation weekend, student orientation leaders continue to stay in contact informally with students in their groups to lend further support through this transitional period. For more information on New Student Orientation, click here.

Learning Communities are programs that facilitate a smooth transition to college by promoting faculty and student interaction. These programs also provide new students with a built-in network of peers with whom they can study and share ideas. The First Year Experience Program (FYE) links the Academic and College Success (ACS) course with the residential living community. For more information on the FYE program, click here.

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