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Monthly Payment Plan

TuitionPay from Sallie Mae and Tuition Management Systems (TMS)

Nazareth is happy to offer two payment plan options for paying your semester or full year tuition expenses interest free in monthly installments.  The TuitionPay monthly payment plan offered through Sallie Mae is one option.  A second option is with Tuition Management Systems.  Each payment plan provider offers a ten or twelve pay payment plan that allows full time undergraduate students to pay education expenses for the fall and spring semesters interest free over a period of ten or twelve months.  There is an annual enrollment fee of $55.  To determine the amount of your contract calculate your total expenses (for both fall and spring semesters) less financial aid and any deposits that have already been made.  To determine your monthly payment, divide your contract amount by ten or twelve.  Your first payment will be due May 1 or July 1.  The deadline for enrollment is the first day of the fall semester.  Depending on when you enroll you may need to catch up on any monthly payments that have passed.

A second plan is offered to part time undergraduate and graduate students. Students are able to pay one semester's education expenses interest free over a period of four months with an enrollment fee of $35. The deadline for enrollment is the first day of the semester.  Neither TuitionPay or TMS is offered as a summer payment option.

For further information about TuitionPay please call Sallie Mae at 1-800-635-0120 or visit their website at
For information about Tuition Management Systems  please call 1-800-722-4867 or visit their website :

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