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Faculty and Staff

Nazareth's Faculty

Nazareth has 180 full-time and 292 part-time faculty members. Our full-time faculty hold degrees from more than 100 colleges and universities with 82% having Ph.D.s or the highest possible degree in their fields. The student-faculty ratio is 10:1.

Nazareth College appoints faculty whose primary commitment to teaching excellence is complemented by recognition of the value of scholarship and professional development in many forms. As classroom teachers, academic advisors, and community members, faculty are interested in and concerned about the student as a whole individual. Nazareth prides itself on the quality of its teaching and on the many ways in which faculty contribute to the life of the mind both within the college classroom and in the larger community.

Nazareth's Staff

Nazareth staff provide vital support for the College's administrative, academic, and athletic departments. Support staff provide the day-to-day assistance that keeps the College running smoothly. Administrative staff perform functions ranging from media relations to counseling services.

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