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Faculty and Staff

Joseph M. Viera

Joseph M. Viera

Professor/ Department Chairperson
GAC - 496A

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Education: Ph.D., M.A., Florida State University; B.A., Florida Atlantic University
Teaching and Research Interests: U.S. Latino/a literary and cultural studies, particularly Cuban-American literary culture; identity construction and performance; diaspora and displacement; race and gender politics; 20th-century American literature; ethnic-American literatures; the short story; the novel; rhetoric and composition
Publications/Current Projects: "Oscar Hijuelos" in American Writers: Supplement VIII (2001); Entries on Denise Chávez, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Virgil Suárez in The Encyclopedia of American Literature (2000); "Exile Among Exiles: Cristina Garcia" in Poets & Writers (1998); "Matriarchy and Mayhem: Awakenings in Cristina Garcia's Dreaming in Cuban" in The Americas Review (1996); "So Far from Home: Isolation in Oscar Hijuelos's Our House in the Last World" in Proceedings of the Seventeenth Louisiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures (1996); "Cristina Garcia" in American Writers: Supplement IX (2002); "Cristina Garcia" in Latinas in the United States: An Historical Encyclopedia (2003); currently working on a study of Cuban-American Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Oscar Hijuelos


Bill Capossere

Bill Capossere

GAC - 408

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Education: B.S. Buffalo State College, M.A. SUNY Brockport, M.F.A. Pacific Lutheran University (Mount Rainier Writing) - summer 2009
Teaching and Research Interests: Creative Writing, the Novel, Children's Writing, Fantasy/Science Fiction
Publications/Current Projects: "Black Holes" (Colorado Review Spring 2009), "Ties" (Gulf Stream 2009), Harper's Magazine, Colorado Review, Rosebud, Bayou, Chattahoochee Review, In Short, Short Takes, Imaginative Writing, Know Magazine for Children, book-length collection of creative non-fiction, continued series of short fiction, full-length play
Recognition: 2009, 2008 (fiction, non-fiction) Pushcart Prize nominations, listed in Notable Essays section of Best American Essays 2008, 2006

Anne Coon

Anne C. Coon

GAC - 406

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Education: B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in English, State University of New York at Buffalo
Teaching and Research Interests: Creative Writing (fiction and poetry), Modern Poetry, interdisciplinary connections between art, literature, and science.
Publications: Books: Discovering Patterns in Mathematics and Poetry, with co-author Marcia Birken; three books of poetry, Daedalus’ Daughter, Via del Paradiso, and Henry James Sat Here; and Hear Me Patiently: The Reform Speeches of Amelia Jenks Bloomer. My writing has been published in the McGraw-Hill college anthology Literature: Reading Fiction, Poetry, Drama and the Essay, and in Provincetown Arts, Redactions, Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Nimrod, The Baltimore Review, Phi Kappa Phi Forum, and other journals.
Current projects: A novel and new collection of poetry in progress.


Lisa J. Cunningham

Lisa J. Cunningham

GAC - 408

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Education: Ph.D. Ohio University
Teaching and Research Interests: 19th Century Brit Lit, Women and Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Queer Studies, Women's Lit & Feminist Theory, Multicultural Lit, Autobiography and Memoir
Publications/Current Projects: Focuses on the representation of disfigurement and disability in the 19th century, particularly on the inattention given to the active efforts at self-representation on the part of the disabled and to repeatedly recasting their victimization as obvious and unilateral, rather than contested and resisted. Current article demonstrates the level of subjectivity and agency of one severely disfigured Victorian woman, Harriet Langdon, who fights for a pensioner's position in the Royal Hospital for Incurables with the aid of amateur poet and social scientist Arthur Joseph Munby. Dr. Cunningham has a Women's Studies Certificate from Ohio University and teaches a number of Women and Gender Studies courses, including Introduction to WGST, Women and Literature, Women's Autobiography, Gender and Society, Women and Writing, and Queer Studies. She also frequently teaches courses in Multicultural Literature and in Rhet/Comp, such as the senior writing seminar in Disability Studies.

Jerome Denno

Jerome Denno

Associate Professor
GAC - 489

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Education: B.A., Cornell University; M.A., Syracuse University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Teaching and Research Interests: English Education, British Literature surveys, Medieval British Literature, Anglo-Saxon Poetics
Publications/Current Projects: Inspiration and the Poetic Imagination in Anglo-Saxon Poetry (book project)


Deborah Dooley

Deborah Dooley

Professor/Dean - CAS
GAC - 475

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Education: B.A., Nazareth College of Rochester, M.A., Ph.D., University of Rochester
Teaching and Research Interests: British Literature Surveys I and II, Victorian Literature, Women's Literature, Rhetoric, 20th Century Modern Literature, Feminist Theory, Introduction to Women's Studies
Publications/Current Projects: Plain and Ordinary Things: Reading Women in the Writing Classroom (SUNY Albany Press, 1995); women and gardens with special emphasis on the garden literature of Jamaica Kincaid

Cynthia Eisen

Cynthia J. Eisen

Lecturer/Director of American Studies Program/Interim Director of the Writing Center
GAC - 462

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Director of Undergraduate American Studies
Education: BA and MA, California State Polytechnic University
Teaching and Research Interests: Fairy Tales, the short story, American literature/culture and writing about the visual media
Publications/Current Projects: co-author of Afternoons with Puppy: Inspirations from a Therapist and His Animals

Gregory Foran

Gregory Foran

Assistant Professor/ Director of the College Writing Program
GAC - 497

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Education: B.A., Connecticut College; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Teaching and Research Interests: the English Renaissance, especially Shakespeare and Milton; literature of the British Civil Wars; early modern political philosophy; political theology; the intersection of rhetoric, religion and economics
Publications/Current Projects: "Dunbar's Broken Rainbow: Symbol, Allegory, and Apocalypse in 'The Goldyn Targe'," in Philological Quarterly (May 2007); "Macbeth and the Political Uncanny in The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates," Milton Studies (Spring 2011); "Prophecy and Ceremony in Macbeth" [under review]; currently revising dissertation into a book-length project on apocalypticism and kingless government in Shakespeare and Milton.

Carlnita Greene

Carlnita P. Greene

Associate Professor
GAC - 491

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Education: B.A., University of Virginia; M.A., State University of New York College at Brockport; Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Teaching and Research Interests: Media and Popular Culture, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Critical/Cultural Studies, and Food Culture.
Publications/Current Projects: Most recent publications include: Food as Communication/Communication as Food (Edited collection with Dr. Janet Cramer & Ms. Lynn Walters), Peter Lang Publishing, 2011; "Ce n'est pas une pipe. C'est rhétorique" in The Politics of Style and the Style of Politics (Dr. Barry Brummett, editor), Lexington Books, of Rowman & Littlefield, 2011; and "A Transgressing Identity: Buck Angel - 'The Man with a Pussy'" in Queers in American Popular Culture Volume 2: Literature, Pop Art, and Performance (Dr. Jim Elledge, Editor), Praeger Publishing, October 2010.

Chris Greene

Christopher Greene


GAC - 406


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Education: BS History, State University of New York College at Brockport; MA Media Studies, The New School For Social Research; MLS Library Science, State University of New York at Buffalo; MFA, Television and Digital Media Production, The City University of New York, Brooklyn College
Teaching and Research Interests: Video and Film Production, Screenwriting, Film Theory and History, Media and Critical Cultural Studies, Social Media
Publications/Current Projects:  I am the National Production Coordinator for The Special Operations Oral History Foundation, as well as a Producer and Director of Photography for a documentary on the Genesee Brewery that is in pre-production. Additionally, I am the Director of Photography and Editor for a documentary on the Gulf War entitled The Forgotten War, which is currently in production.

Marion Hoctor

Marion A. Hoctor, SSJ

GAC - 381

Learn more about Marion A. Hoctor

Education: B.A., Nazareth College of Rochester; M.A. and Ph.D., Cornell University; M.Litt., Oxford University (England)
Teaching and Research Interests: British Literature Surveys I and II; Chaucer and medieval literature; medieval history; 18th and 19th century English novel; Victorian writers and ideas; Women's Studies emphasis in courses
Publications/Current Projects: Matthew Arnold's Essays in Criticism, First Series: A Critical Edition (U Chicago P); co-author of A Book of Drama I and A Book of Drama II in "Perspectives in Literature" Series (Harcourt Brace);"Matthew Arnold and the Critical Spirit," and "Matthew Arnold and Romanticism" in Greyfriars (Siena College, Albany NY); images of women in the 18th and 19th century English novel; 19th century English women writers with emphasis on "what it took" for women to be published in that era

Rebecca Housel

Rebecca Housel


GAC - 408


Learn more about Rebecca Housel

Education: Ph. D., University of New South Wales; M. A., University of Rochester; B. A., University of Rochester
Teaching and Research Interests: Technology, Globalization and Healthcare; Gender & Film; Disability Studies; Bioethics and Society; Transnational Illness Narrative; Visual/Cultural Rhetoric; Science Writing; The Hero in Popular Culture; The Patient's Narrative; Medicine and Literature; Medical Humanities; Shakespeare; Film Adaptation; Literature of the Bible; Science Fiction; Creative Nonfiction; Popular/American Culture; Children's Literature; The Literature of Struggle; Medieval Literature; 19th century American Literature; The Novel; The Short Story; The Play; Poetry.
Publications/Current Projects: Recent titles in Wiley’s Pop Culture and Philosophy series includes work on X-Men (2009), Twilight (2009, 2010), and HBO’s Emmy-winning series, True Blood (2010, 2011); new articles for Shalom Magazine include, "Jewish Vampires?" December 2011, "Passing-over Freedom" April 2012, "The Truest Blood" July 2012, and, "Israel's Hunger Games" September 2012; a book chapter for Downtown Abbey & Philosophy (Wiley 2012) edited by Mark White, ""Put that in Your Pipe and Smoke it": The Women of Downton Abbey"; the book chapter, "Suckers for Blood: Vampire Pop Culture", A History of Evil in Popular Culture: What Hannibal Lector, Stephen King and Vampires Reveal about America (Praeger 2013) edited by Sharon Packer and Jody Pennington; Housel is on the Editorial Advisory Boards for the Journal of Popular Culture and Journal of American Culture; her most recent book review for the Duke University Press volume, Sex and Disability (2012), can be found in the Journal of American Culture.

Suhail Islam

Suhail M. Islam

Associate Professor
GAC - 485

Learn more about Suhail M. Islam

Education: B.A., Dhaka University; M.A., Dhaka; M.A., Windsor; M.A., Northern Arizona; Ph.D., Michigan Technological University
Teaching and Research Interests: Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Linguistics, Comparative World Literature, Post-colonial Cultural Studies, Critical Discourse Analysis, Subaltern Studies
Publications/Current Projects: "Empire, Literacy, Identity, and Literary Studies" in Bengal Studies: An Interdisciplinary and International Approach (Pustaka, Dhaka); "Rethinking Agency" in Weaving Knowledge Together (NWCA Press); "Graham Greene, Liberation Theology and the Theme of Revolution" (Harvest); "Time and Memory in Pinter's Plays," Jahangirnagar University Journal; "The Wretched of the Nations: The West's Role In Human Rights Violation In The Bangladesh War of Independence" forthcoming in Genocide, War Crimes, And The West: The Culture Of Impunity (Zed Books). Currently writing "Time and the Other: The Islamic Concept of Narrative, Time, and Historiography in Post-colonialism and Time: A Comparative Perspective Across the Culture" (Comparative Literature Methodology Series, Jadavpur University Press); "Nationalism" (Encyclopedia of Developing Nations, Fitzroy Dearborn)

Tricia Asklar

Liliana Palumbo

Secretary I
GAC - 493


Mark Madigan

Mark Madigan

Professor/Fulbright Program Advisor
GAC - 479

Learn more about Mark Madigan

Education: B.A., St. Michael's College; M.A., University of Vermont; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
Teaching and Research Interests: African American Literature, Modern American Literature, Popular Culture, International Education
Publications/Current Projects: Fulbright Scholar (2004) and Fulbright Specialist (2005, 2006), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Fulbright Specialist (2009), University of Zadar, Croatia; lectures presented at the Sorbonne and University of Rome; co-editor (with Dan Gediman) of The Seeking by Will Thomas (Northeastern UP, 2013); editor of Youth and the Bright Medusa in the Willa Cather Scholarly Edition (U Nebraska P, 2009), Seasoned Timber by Dorothy Canfield Fisher (UP New England, 1996), The Bedquilt and Other Stories by Fisher (U Missouri P, 1996), Keeping Fires Night and Day: Selected Letters of Dorothy Canfield Fisher (U Missouri P, 1993); articles in The Black Scholar, The Cambridge Companion to Willa Cather, The Norton Critical Edition of Passing by Nella Larsen, Modern Fiction Studies, Studies in American Fiction, and elsewhere. He is writing an essay on Charles Chesnutt's short story "The Passing of Grandison" and co-directing “Cather and Europe/Europe and Cather”, a symposium being held in Rome in June 2014.

Toni Messineo

Toni Messineo


GAC - 408


Rita Mignacca

Rita Mignacca


GAC - 406


Adrielle Mitchell

Adrielle A. Mitchell

GAC - 487

Learn more about Adrielle A. Mitchell

Education: B.A., Hunter College, City University of NY; M.A. and Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz
Teaching and Research Interests: Word and Image Studies, Graphic Narrative, Comics Studies, Gender Theory, Creative Non-Fiction, Literary and Cultural Theory, Memory Studies, Transnational Memoir, Childhood Studies.
Publications/Current Projects: Recent and forthcoming publications include: “Picturing National Identity: Iconic Solidarity in Autobiographical Comics” in Studies in Comics (2011); “Exposition and Disquisition: Non-Fiction Graphic Narratives and Comics Theory in the Literature Classroom” in Lan Dong, ed., Teaching Graphic Novels in the Literature Classroom (forthcoming from McFarland Press);
"Graphic Journeys: Figuring Americans Abroad in Thompson’s Carnet de Voyage and Abel’s La Perdida,” in College English Association Critic (Spring-Summer 2010); “Spectral Memory, Sexuality and Inversion: An Arthrological Study of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic” in ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies (September 2009);
“Creative Professionalization: Inculcating Divergent Career Concepts in Doctoral Candidates” in Sean Murphy, ed., Academic Cultures: Professional Preparation and the Teaching Life, Modern Language Association Press (2008). Currently working on a book-length manuscript on graphic memoirs in light of visual, comics, and memory studies.

Trista Nilsson

Trista Nilsson


GAC - 62B


Marjory Payne

Marjory Payne

GAC - 462

Learn more about Marjory Payne

Education: B.A., Nazareth College; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Rochester
Teaching and Research Interests: Religion and Poetry, American Literature, African American Literature, Native American Literature, 17th-Century Poetry, Modern Poetry, Short Story and Novel, Rhetoric I and II
Publications/Current Projects: Two papers on Richard Wilbur, "Charles Johnson's Conversation with Melville in Middle Passage," papers on Hopkins and Mark Haddon's A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time for CEA, memoir writing, continued reading and research in Native American Literature

Lisa Perks

Lisa Glebatis Perks

Assistant Professor/Director  of  Comm/Media Program
GAC - 495

Learn more about Lisa Glebatis Perks

Education: B.A., Wake Forest University; M.A., Pennsylvania State University and Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Teaching and Research Interests: Media Studies; Media Ethics; Rhetorical Criticism; Persuasion; Humor and Communication
Publications/Current Projects: Dr. Perks' research is primarily focused on analyzing mediated representations of marginalized groups, tracing viewer reception of representation, and understanding viewer/reader immersion in stories through the practice of media marathoning. Her essays have been accepted for publication in Communication Studies, Communication Quarterly, Communication, Culture, and Critique, Feminist Media Studies (written with Kevin A. Johnson), The Journal of Popular Culture (written with Amanda Davis Gatchet), the International Journal of Humor Research, and the book Uncovering Hidden Rhetorics. She is currently working on an essay about viewers' interpretations of Michael Scott's bigotry in The Office (written with Emily Soule) and a book-length project about media marathoning.  Click here to visit Dr. Perks' media marathoning research blog.

Joseph Pestino

Joseph Pestino

GAC - 471

Learn more about Joseph Pestino

Education: B.A., French, Grove City College; M.A., Comparative Literature, Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Pennsylvania State University
Teaching and Research Interests: Experimental Fiction, Comparative Mythology, Fable, the Novel as a Genre, Rhetoric, Reader-Response Theory
Publications/Current Projects: Articles on Andrade, Breton, and Paul West; presentations on West, Sontag, Abish, Maupassant, Brooke-Rose, Ducharme, Audience Assessment, Future of Reading, Graduate Student Career Preparation. Continuing focus on West's work
Professional Leadership: President, New York College English Association; regular ADE Moderator

Virginia Skinner-Linnenberg

Virginia Skinner-Linnenberg

Rosemary White Chair
GAC - 498

Learn more about Virginia Skinner-Linnenberg

Education: B.A., Bowling Green State University; M.A., University of Louisville; Ph.D., Bowling Green State University
Teaching and Research Interests: Technical Writing, Rhetoric, Drama Literature, Playwriting, Composition
Publications/Current Projects: "Spurring Narrative Writing through the Monologue" in Teaching English in the Two-Year College. Dramatizing Writing: Reincorporating Delivery in the Classroom, published by Lawrence Earlbaum Associates. Currently working on a textbook based on the theories and applications discussed in her book.

Monica Weis

Monica Weis, SSJ

Professor/Director - MALS Program
GAC - 496B

Learn more about Monica Weis

Education: B.A, Nazareth College; M.A., Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College; Ph.D., University of Virginia
Teaching and Research Interests: Early American Literature; 19th century American Literature; American Nature Writers; British Romanticism; Rhetoric and Technical Writing; English Education
Publications/Current Projects: articles on Walt Whitman, Brain Research and Composition Theory, and Thomas Merton; Thomas Merton's Gethsemani: Landscapes of Paradise (UP Kentucky, 2005); The Environmental Vision of Thomas Merton (UP Kentucky, 2011); and Fulbright Visiting Professor at the University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary, Fall 2011.

Edward Wiltse

Edward Wiltse

GAC - 477

Learn more about Edward Wiltse

Education: A.B., Vassar College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Tufts University
Teaching and Research Interests: Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature, Post-colonial Literature, Crime and Detective Fiction, Film, Cultural Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Publications/Current Projects: articles on Thackeray's Vanity Fair, the Sherlock Holmes stories, Hollywood film representations of the Kenyan "Mau Mau," internet media fan cultures, social class in the literature classroom, and varying reading strategies among student-inmate reading groups at Monroe Correctional Facility; co-edited book, Hope Against Hope: Philosophies, Cultures and Politics of Possibility and Doubt (Rodopi, 2010) contains his introduction and an essay on the effects of Nazareth students and jail inmates reading literature together

Bridgette Yaxley

Bridgette Yaxley


GAC - 62-B


Learn more about Bridgette Yaxley

Education: B.S. - SUNY Brockport; M.S. - SUNY Brockport; Ed.D. Candidate - University of Rochester
Teaching and Research Interests: American Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Film Studies, Children's Literature, & Trends in Online Teaching and Learning
Publications/Current Projects: Most recently, a literature review called "Web 2.0 Digital Literacy Initiatives Inspire a Pedagogical Evolution" currently being reviewed by The Journal of Online Learning & Teaching, one short-story called "Thank You, Mr. Weller!" published in The Rochester Woman Magazine, and another that taps into the heart and soul of Americana called "Mudbugs, Muskmelon, and Mayhem" published in The Oak Orchard Review. Also serving as Grant Writing Administrator for The Orleans Renaissance Group, Inc., and an extensive background serving on curriculum committees. Currently writing a literature review regarding Faculty Skepticism With Online Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.
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