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English with Education Concentrations

English education major, English education program, English teacher, Nazareth College Rochester, NY
Field Placements

Each student participates in intensive, supervised field placements at both the middle and high school levels. The department's relationship to the educational community in the Rochester area is strong, and our graduates have excellent post-graduate placement opportunities.

Many of our students pursue New York State teacher certification in either inclusive childhood education or adolescence education, and our English education program provides excellent training in complement with the curriculum of the School of Education.

Adolescence Education

The program for Certification in Adolescence Education, Grades 7-12, is a concentration that is combined with an English major in either Literature or Communication and Media. Designed to complement a study of literature and/or writing by emphasizing both theory and pedagogy, this program prepares qualified students to teach English at the secondary level. Our aim is to produce entry-level professionals who are skilled in literature, linguistics and composing, as well as knowledgeable about individual learning styles. Faculty in this program provide students with intensive professional preparation at both the theoretical and practical levels - through the curriculum design and by modeling effective classroom practice.

The Adolescence Education Program in English is designed to:

  • build on students' broad knowledge of literary study or study in professional communication
  • prepare students competent in the theory and practice of formal language study and the composing process
  • develop students who are aware of their own teaching persona; the various learning styles of students; diverse methodologies appropriate to middle/high school multicultural classrooms; and the problems/challenges of contemporary education, particularly inclusion and the productive use of technology
  • assist students in designing lesson plans with cognitive and affective objectives that integrate the New York State strands of Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking, listening, literature/language) and align with the current New York State Standards (Language for Information and Understanding; for Literary Response and Expression; for Critical Analysis and Evaluation; for Social Interaction)
  • establish collegial relationships between pre-service teachers and supervisors committed to mentoring budding professionals

Childhood/Middle Childhood Education

The program for Certification in Inclusive Childhood Education, is a concentration that is combined with an English major in either Literature or Communication and Media. Students who elect to pursue teacher certification through our English education program receive special instruction in teaching methods and philosophy through the English department (in addition to their required coursework in the department of inclusive childhood education). In order to be eligible for the Professional Semester (student teaching), students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.7 before moving into INCL 440/441 and the Professional Semester.

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