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Student & Faculty Notables

Student Notables: 2009-2010

 Presentations at two international conferences in summer 2009:
(1) by Lynn Lubecki - Impact of media images on the self-esteem of adolescent girls.  Presentation at the Fourth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, University of Athens, Greece.
(2) by Herman Perry - Cultural identity and academic achievement among African American students. Virtual Presentation at the Sixteenth International Conference on Learning, University of Barcelona, Spain.

Activist Project undertaken by a student in EDU 204 (with the help of her instructor, Dr. Shirley Sommers)

Katelynn Marie Callon, has organized a camp for children with diabetes.  The website for the camp
The camp is scheduled for July 19 through 22, 2010,  from 8:30-4:00 p.m. at Parkside Pavilion  (Webster Park).

Faculty Notables: 2009-2010

 Dr. Shawgi Tell provided several workshops on Arab and Muslim students to K-12 teachers in the Western New York region. He also presented a paper with Dr. Rachel Bailey-Jones on "Sexuality in the Arab World" at the November 2009 AESA Conference (American Educational Studies Association) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Tell also assumed responsibility this semester for the Advanced Certificate in Critical Urban and Community Education, a new and unique graduate program created to attract individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including current students at Naz, K-12 teachers, and community educators.

The summer 2009 issue of the Journal of Negro Education carried another book review completed by Dr. Tell. As part of the Fall 2009 School of Education Autumn Lecture Series, he presented a lecture titled “The Ideology and Agenda of the New Commissioner of Education”.

Dr. Tell was quoted in the Rochester Business Journal in April 2010. Check out the article here.

Shawgi took and active role in the debate regarding Mayoral Control of the Rochester City School District. Check out the article here

 Dr. Poonam Dev
With the help of students, faculty and staff at Nazareth College, Dr. Poonam Dev was able to send about 600 books to the Zakhele Primary School in Mamelodi, South Africa. The school is located in an economically poor township near Pretoria. Dr. Dev visited Mamelodi in July 2008 as a Fulbright scholar.

Student Notables: 2008-2009

 Students in EDU 204, taught by Dr. Shirley Sommers in fall 2008 engaged in the following activist projects:

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs): Students served as college coaches in 10th grade classrooms at East High School, and Franklin Bioscience, Global and Media, and Finance High Schools. Some students identified areas in which they could make a difference such as provision of writing resources (pencils, pens and paper), creating booklets about college and the application process, etc.

A group of students started a feminist advocacy group on campus. They hosted movie nights aimed at deconstructing Hollywood's portrayal of women and men. In addition, the students created a website to educate their peers about feminism:

A student presented an action plan for mitigating discrimination against people with disabilities, at the Geneva Council Meeting on the 3rd of December, 2008.

A student worked with refugees in the Rochester area. He focused on helping refugees who spoke English as a second or third language, learn the English language through weekly conversations with him, an American.

Another student educated the Nazareth community about LAMBDA. He set up a table every Thursday in the fall 2008 semester in Schults center and was available to answer any questions from faculty and students. The student decided to continue doing this again in spring 2009 semester, as he saw a great need for this form of activism.

Presentation at an international conference in summer 2008:
Kari Kuchman, M.S.Ed. - Madison and her siblings: Accelerated development of a child with Down syndrome. Presentation at the Eighth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations, Montreal, Canada.

Faculty Notables: 2008-2009

 With the help of students, faculty and staff at Nazareth College, Dr. Poonam Dev was able to send about 900 books to the Meetse a Bophelo Primary School in Mamelodi, South Africa. The school is located in an economically poor township near Pretoria. Dr. Dev was there in July 2008 as a Fulbright scholar and was inspired by the work done by the school staff and teachers. At that time she saw that their library had barely 80 books for about 700 students in Grades 1-6. She promised the librarian to find books and send them for their school. Thanks to help from members of the Nazareth community, Dr. Dev was able to send more than 14 boxes of books in fall 2008 and spring 2009.


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