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Literacy Clinical Residents

The graduate Literacy Programs are offering five clinical residencies in area schools for the 2013-2014 school year. The participants, who are in a position to be full time students, will have an experience which parallels the clinically rich program all literacy students pursue.

The residents' coursework will start in either Summer Session B or Fall of 2013. In addition to carrying a course load of 12 credits during the Fall and Spring semesters, the residents will devote a required number of school days in their assigned schools. They will spend instructional time with a literacy specialist and classroom teachers who are certified as literacy specialists. A clinical resident will be awarded six credit hours of tuition for each of the Fall and Spring semesters. 

Clinical residents will have the following opportunities:

  • to observe and participate with certified literacy specialists as they meet children's needs
  • to gain knowledge about, observe, and participate with classroom teachers and literacy specialists teaching children at all tiers of Response to Intervention
  • to engage in converting their theoretical knowledge into exemplary instructional practices
  • to develop a repertoire of evidence-based instructional and reading strategies that meet the common core standards
  • to be a contributing member of a community of teachers and learners

If you are interested in applying for a clinical residency, complete the application to be admitted to a literacy program, B-6 or 5-12, as well as the application to be considered for a clinical residency. The review of applications will start March 1 and will continue until all residents have been selected.

Please contact Dr. Naomi Erdmann at (585)389-2614 or email with questions.

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