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Faculty and Staff

Rui Cheng

Rui Cheng

Assistant Professor/Director
TESOL for International Educators
(585) 389-2441

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Education: B.A. Shanxi University; M.A. Capital Normal University; Ph.D. University of South Florida
Favorite Courses to Teach: Principles and Practices of TESOL, Technology for Language and Culture Instruction, Pedagogy of American English Grammar
Areas of Expertise: Second language acquisition and English instruction, Distance learning, Computer facilitated language learning, uses of technology in instruction
Personal Interests: Family time, reading and writing.

Naomi Erdmann

Naomi Erdmann

Graduate Literacy Programs
(585) 389-2614/2615

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Director of the Marie Callahan Reading Clinic
Education: B.Ed. & M.Ed. National College of Education; Ed.D. Syracuse University
Favorite Courses to Teach: Asking Dr. Erdmann to identify the courses which are her favorites is tantamount to asking a mother which is her favorite child. A professor at Nazareth for over two decades, Dr. Erdmann feels that she has the "best of both worlds" because she has the privilege and enjoyment of teaching the courses in which her graduate students work with children and teenagers in the Marie Callahan Reading Clinic. She is able to enjoy teaching adults as well as children.
Areas of Expertise: Emergent learners; Foundations of Literacy; Diagnosis of reading and writing needs; Accelerating the progress of students who need support in becoming readers and writers; Children's literature and its use in the classroom; and Program assessment and evaluation.
Proudest Moments: Working at a school that resulted in its being removed from the SURR list and her work on Mayor Duffy's Literacy Council.
Personal Interests: Reading-especially mysteries, knitting and needlepoint, baking, and her family, including her four grandchildren.

Jim Fenwick

Jim Fenwick

Language, Literacy and Technology

Graduate Educational Technology
(585) 389-2630

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Education: B.A., Hartwick College, M.S., University of Bridgeport, Ed.D. Teachers College, Columbia University
Favorite Courses to Teach: Intro to Technology, Robotics
Areas of Expertise: Computer Simulation. Prior to joining Nazareth, Dr. Fenwick was a public school teacher in Connecticut for eight years.
Proudest Moments: Dr. Fenwick is most proud of books he has authored on the programming language Logo and the hybrid program.
Personal Interests: Jim enjoys travel and Scuba diving.

Maria Hopkins

Maria Hopkins

Assistant Professor
(585) 389-5194

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Education: Ph.D., Ed.M., B.A. State University of New York Buffalo
Favorite Courses to Teach: Theoretical Foundations of Literacy, Current Issues and Trends in Literacy
Areas of Expertise: Multicultural literature discussion, social justice and educational equity; burgeoning interests include New Literacies Studies and rural literacy
Proudest Moments: Dr. Baldassarre Hopkins began teaching full-time at Naz in August of 2009 but is excited to embark on some fruitful projects and collaborations in the coming years as part of the Naz community.
Personal Interests: Scrabble, running, blogging, and her daughter, Grace.

Laura Jones edited

Laura Jones

(585) 389-2634

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Education: B.A. St John Fisher College, M.A., Central Washington University, Ph.D. University of Washington
Favorite Courses to Teach: Foundations of Literacy, Language Acquisition and Literacy Development for First and Second Language Learners, Reading Improvement Through Written Expression, Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature, Teaching Literacy in the Secondary Content Areas
Areas of Expertise: YA Literature, Content Area Literacy, CMC/Digital Literacies, Teaching English as a Second Language and Teacher Leadership
Proudest Moments: Dr. Jones is proud of her collaborations with the Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival Committee and her work in support of the Fifth Annual Teen Book Festival.
Personal Interests: Laura enjoys writing with her professional colleagues on issues of teacher leadership, literacy, and social justice. In her free time, she enjoys reading YA literature, traveling, running, and spending time at home with family and friends.


Cindy McPhailCindy McPhail

TESOL Certification/Bilingual Extension
(585) 389-2607

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Education: B.A. Hamilton College, Ed.M. & Ph.D. State University of New York Buffalo
Favorite Courses to Teach: Foundations of Bilingual Multicultural Education and Language and Literacy Development of English Language Learners.
Areas of Expertise: TESOL; Language Acquisition; Bilingual Education; Elementary Education. Dr McPhail was a public school teacher in both the Buffalo and Rochester City School Districts. She worked as a bilingual 5th grade teacher, and as an ESL Summer Program teacher and director in Buffalo, as a 6th grade teacher at Monroe Middle School, and as a 4th grade English teacher in a dual language bilingual education program at School #33 in Rochester.
Proudest Moments: Dr. McPhail is proud of the Federal Grant for 1.175 million dollars that allowed Nazareth College to host the ELL Consortium for 5 years and to begin the Bilingual Program. The Bilingual Extension Program provides an important service to the Greater Rochester community, especially in an area in which it is perennially difficult to recruit appropriately certified teachers. She is also proud of the success of her research project studying reading fluency (prosidy) and English language learners.
Personal Interests: Cindy met her husband when they both enjoyed bicycling racing, but now she bikes recreationally. She enjoys cooking, reading, chasing after her children and the family dog, and education and children's service learning projects.

Jennie Schaff

Jennie Schaff

Associate Professor
(585) 389-2957

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Education: B.S. & M.S., Simmons College; Ph.D. George Mason University
Favorite Courses to Teach: Teaching & Research: Accessibility and Diverse Learners, Assistive Technology, Web Design, Issues in Educational Technology.
Areas of Expertise: Assistive Technology, Web Design, Special Education
Proudest Moments: Dr. Schaff is proud to have led the 2008 March of Remembrance and Hope trip with 20 Nazareth Students who traveled through German and Poland with Holocaust Survivors. Together they studied Eastern European History as well as genocides occurring in our world today.
Personal Interests: Jennie enjoys playing with her children, hanging out with friends and family, reading and writing.
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