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International Student Teaching

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Please contact:
Dr. Molly Keogh
Coordinator of International and Intercultural Initiatives

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International and Intercultural Opportunities

Currently there are possible placements in the countries of England, Hungary, China and Tanzania.
Click here for an overview of each country 

Who can apply

Undergraduate: Pre-service teachers majoring in Inclusive Childhood/Middle Childhood Education and students in the Adolescent Education Program.

Graduate: Teachers and/or pre-service teachers in a GRADUATE Education Program.


  • An over-all GPA of 3.2 (Undergrad), 3.6 (Graduate) or better by the beginning of their first student teaching experience.
  • A successful first student teaching placement (if applicable) - verified by their Nazareth College Student Teaching Supervisor and their cooperating teacher.
  • A positive outcome from the international education experience application process:
    • Specific, thoughtful answers to the questions on the initial application form. Please click here to complete the on-line application. 
    • A written essay
    • THREE confidential letters of recommendation, including one from a Nazareth College instructor, and one from a classroom teacher.
    • A final interview

ALL interested students should contact Dr. Molly Keogh (, Coordinator of International and Intercultural Initiatives for the School of Education.

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