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Inclusive Early Childhood Education

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Program Quick Info

Course Requirements

Credit Hours

  • Initial certification: 48 credit hours
  • Additional certification, same developmental level: 36 credit hours
  • Additional certification, changing developmental level:39 credit hours

 Admissions Requirements

Birth through age 8 represents a critical period in the development of young children. It’s during this time that they will first learn life-long social skills and their own sense of self worth. They’ll begin to step out and explore the world around them, learn the value of play — and cultivate a new and enthusiastic love of learning. Nazareth’s Graduate Degree Programs in Inclusive Early Childhood Education will prepare you and other future educators to give young children the start they need – in school and in life. The program will teach you that early learners represent diverse groups of individuals with many different strengths and backgrounds. Most importantly, it will give you the knowledge, understandings and skills to develop environments and learning experiences that support the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and primary aged children.

Schools, families, and local governments place a heavy premium on early childhood education degree programs. Many of our graduates work in school settings as Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st and 2nd grade teachers, consultant teachers, or special educators. This degree also provides you with a good background for other employment options in child care settings, private agencies, nursery schools, and as early intervention service providers.

Program Highlights

  • Solid preparation – We prepare you how to be a teacher through a combination of classroom instruction and on-site experience. We have a strong collaborative relationship with local partner schools and educational settings and we deepen these relationships by having site-based classes for many of our courses.
  • Solid reputation – It’s estimated that Nazareth College produces 1 out of 3 of all teachers in the Rochester area, earning us the well-deserved reputation as the largest producer of quality educators in the region.


Dr. Ellen Contopidis, Program Director

Graduate Inclusive Early Childhood Education Programs

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