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Adolescence Teaching Fellows

A limited number of full-time students in the professional or additional certification master’s degree in adolescent education program will be selected to be teaching fellows this year, through a competitive process. Review of applications begins March 1. Applications received after that date will be reviewed subject to fellowship availability.

Teaching Fellows

  • Receive six credits of graduate assistantship during both the fall and spring semesters, saving a third of the total tuition cost
  • Complete the program by the end of summer Session II 2016

Commitment required

  • Begin coursework for your program in summer session II or fall 2015.
  • Enroll in 12 graduate credit hours during both fall 2015 and spring 2016 semesters, with any remaining requirements finished in summer 2016. 
  • Work for two days per week in a secondary school on a collaborative research project or a fellowship project designed in collaboration with a faculty member.

Criteria for selection

  • Excellence during student teaching assignments
  • Taking initiative in and outside of student teaching
  • Caring and professional disposition
  • Able to connect theory and practice
  • Strong undergraduate academic performance
  • Demonstrated commitment to education and student advocacy

How to apply to be a teaching fellow

  1. Complete the standard inclusive adolescence education graduate admissions process.
  2. Complete the addendum application for the Adolescent Teaching Fellows Program, including essays, and submit as indicated on the addendum application. 
  3. Provide a letter of recommendation from a cooperating teacher.
  4. Interview with program faculty and others as appropriate.

As indicated on the addendum application, it and the cooperating teacher’s letter of recommendation should go to: Dr. Jim Black, Adolescence Education Chair, Nazareth College, 4245 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618.

Questions about the process can also be directed to him, or 585-389-2619.

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