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Substance Abuse Services

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Nazareth's Alcohol and Drug Policy
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Student Athlete Mentors

Student athletes are selected by their teams and coaches to serve as role models and the primary substance abuse prevention resource for teammates. Student Athlete Mentors receive 12 hours of intensive training on a variety of topics including active listening, alcohol and substance issues, sexual health, confrontation, eating disorders and referral resources. Student Athlete Mentors are required to present 2 prevention oriented programs to their respective teams each academic year.

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Contact Casey Cline Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor at the Student Wellness Center

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Substance Abuse Services

Drug & Alcohol Screening & Consultation

A credentialed drug and alcohol counselor is available to provide drug and alcohol screening to determine if a student's use warrants referral to a drug and alcohol treatment center. Consultation is available to faculty and staff members who are concerned about a student's alcohol or drug use pattern, class attendance or academic performance. Students who wish to examine their own alcohol/drug use and associated behaviors or those of a friend or family member are welcome to contact Substance Abuse Services for consultation.

The Substance Abuse Educational Specialist provides on-going consultation and outreach within both the Nazareth campus and the Pittsford community. Upon request, the Substance Abuse Educational Specialist is available to meet with groups of students in academic courses, residence halls, clubs and local classrooms to facilitate group discussions, provide information and resources, and offer presentations on topics related to substance use/misuse.

Preventative Programming

Substance Abuse Services, in collaboration with the Substance Abuse Education Committee, sponsors:

  • Alcohol free social events
  • Motivational speakers on alcohol/drug related topics
  • Awareness Campaigns (National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Safe Spring Break, National Smoke Out Day)
  • Residence Hall Programs on alcohol and drug harm reduction strategies
  • Athletic Team Programs (prevention of acute alcohol poisoning, , alcohol and other drug use and its effect on performance)
  • Prevention oriented presentations for classrooms, at Freshman Orientation and other class sessions.
  • Provides alcohol and substance use/misuse training to Student Athlete Mentors and Peer Health Educators who are trained to educate and advise their peers on a variety of health and wellness issues.

Counseling: Individuals & Groups

Counseling is short term, confidential and free.  Counseling provides assistance with a wide range of emotional concerns including, but not limited, to: stress management, adjusting to college, coping with peer pressure, building healthy relationships, and the role of alcohol in one's life.

Services provided:

  • Assessment
  • Short-term individual counseling
  • Support groups
  • Referrals to private therapists, treatment programs and groups in the community
  • Consultation to college staff and faculty members on addressing alcohol/drug problems of students

Common concerns of students include:

  • To better understand/modify their drinking behaviors
  • To learn healthier, more effective ways to manage anger and stress
  • To discuss concerns about the drinking or drug use patterns of roommates, friends, teammates or family members

Support Groups

Opportunities are provided for mutual support and education relating to specific issues and concerns such as recovery skill building/sober support, adult children of alcoholics support, and how to help/cope with a close friend's chemical dependency issues. Support groups are offered each semester and are facilitated by Counseling Services staff. Groups are free, confidential and short term, usually running for 4-6 weeks. A pre-group interview with a therapist is required.


 Contact Counseling Services at 585-389-2887 for information about community alcohol and drug treatment agencies.

The Substance Abuse Education Committee

Nazareth is committed to a drug free environment. The Substance Abuse Education Committee's works to provide social and recreational alternatives to alcohol and other drug use and plans educational and preventative programs throughout the academic year. We strive to make our campus a healthy and safe environment for living and learning and to help students realize their potential by making informed choices about substance use.

The Committee welcomes new members (students, staff, faculty) throughout the year. To learn more about us and how you can get involved, please contact Counseling Services.

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