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Counseling Services

Counseling Services


  • Phone

    (585) 389-2887
  • Email
  • Location

    Student Wellness Center
  • Fax

    (585) 389-2937

Counseling Services offers short term solution focused on-campus mental health treatment including the following services:

  •   Intake and  Evaluation
  •   Individual and group counseling
  •   Psychopharmacological evaluation and medication management (after referral from a counselor)
  •   Crisis intervention services
  •   Referral to off-campus clinicians for specialized and/or intensive treatment
  •   Outreach and consultation.
  •   Psycho-educational programming


All students are eligible for an initial consultation with a Counseling Services therapist, and based upon that conversation the clinician and student will work together to find a course of action that best suits the student’s needs. There are a variety of options, including but not limited to: time-limited individual counseling with a Counseling Services therapist, joining a themed group (examples include a stress management or an educational coping skills group), or participating in a group that focuses on students’ experiences relating to others. Counseling Services also offers psychiatric evaluation and medication management.

Counseling Services is staffed by  two  licensed clinical social workers, and a licensed creative arts therapist and credentialed drug and alcohol counselor.


Clinical information about students is NOT shared between Health and Counseling without the written consent of the student.

Counseling Services clinicians are ethically and legally bound to confidentiality. There are three situations in which Counseling Services staff may ethically and legally need to breach confidentiality, in order to protect the client and to protect other people. These exceptions include if the client is an imminent danger to him/herself or others, there is suspected child and/or elder physical and/or sexual abuse, or when a valid court order for clinical records is issued.

The Counseling Services staff works as a treatment team and information about clients may be shared among Counseling Services clinicians for consultation and supervision purposes. The Counseling Services staff also works closely with their consulting psychiatrist, and  information may be shared between these two parties in order to coordinate care.  In all other situations, client information will  only be released with the student's express consent.  In group counseling, confidentiality is explicitly discussed and group members agree to keep the group members' identities, as well as the information they reveal in group, confidential.

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