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Using Portfolio@Naz in the Uncommon Core

Pan: The Greek god of wild places, rustic music and theatrical criticism.

Pan: The Greek word that means all or everything.

Pan: An implement in which you put raw food in order to cook it or let it simmer for a while.

P@N: Your place at Nazareth, your portfolio, where you can store files, integrate your learning, and be creative!

Using P@N


P@N (pronounced Pan) stands for Portfolio @ (at) Nazareth. P@N is our name for Chalk & Wire, an online service that allows students to create their own professional electronic portfolios. Every first year Nazareth College student will have his or her own account. Students can log in to P@N from the quicklinks menu on the Nazareth Homepage ( A help page has been set up to answer frequently asked questions (

Students will use P@N to submit course-specific assignments. Assignments can take the form of a text reflection or an uploaded file (PDF, video, word doc, etc.). Uploaded files are called 'artifacts'  in P@N.

Students in the Uncommon Core will create a portfolio by clicking  work - - > my portfolios - -> create new portfolio and then selecting core_curriculum_2013 from the table of contents list.

Note: P@N is not Moodle! Unlike Moodle, P@N is not set up into courses or modules. Student portfolios, such as the Core 2013 portfolio, will be used for multiple courses. Students may also create a custom portfolio for their own personal or professional purposes. For more information refer to the help page, e-mail, or click the little life-saver icon in P@N for additional help.

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