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Integrative Studies (IS)

IS Clusters

There are several IS clusters pre-packaged for your use, click here to see them!

What is Integrative Studies?

Integrative Studies allows you to explore a question that intrigues you in three upper-level courses. You choose the question; you choose the cluster of courses; you explore! Integrative Studies is characterized in the following three ways:

  • CHOICE: You choose your three IS courses based upon your own interests.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: You demonstrate your integration of materials from the three courses and other parts of the Core.
  • OPPORTUNITY FOR REFLECTION: You have the opportunity to reflect on your Integrative Studies and showcase what you have learned in the Core Milestone Experience.

The Three Courses

The courses that make up your Integrative Studies can be any course: liberal or professional, in different disciplines or in one, and, if you like, from your minor or second major. The only limitations are these:

  • The courses must be 200-level or higher
  • You can only use one course from your major (e.g., if you are a Math major, only one course can have a MTH prefix)
  • You cannot use a P-EQ course

How to Choose Your IS Courses

At first you may not know what you want to explore in your IS courses. Start by thinking about what interests you outside your major. It could be something like hockey or music or trying to figure out who you are. Then do some research--which courses are related to your interest that will help you explore it? If hockey is your interest, you might want to start by taking a course in sports psychology; if it's music, perhaps you might want to take the History of Rock and Roll; if you are interested in self-exploration, perhaps a course in Existentialism. There are a number of aids to help you 'do this research' or choose your three IS courses:

  • INTEGRATIVE STUDIES CLUSTERS: 'Pre-packaged' sets of courses that are intentionally integrated by the faculty and staff at Nazareth College. These courses investigate similar sorts of questions and problems from different perspectives. Click here to see them.
  • INTEGRATIVE STUDIES THEMES: More general themes or enduring questions without courses attached to them to help you start thinking about the possibilities. Click here to see them.
  • YOUR ADVISOR, PROFESSORS, NAZARETH STAFF & YOUR FRIENDS: Talk to them! If you need some help, they're sure to give you some suggestions.
  • WORKSHOPS: Every semester (just before Course Selection time for the next semester) a "How to Choose Your IS Courses" workshop will be offered.

Integrative Studies Artifacts

In each of your IS courses, you'll need to choose at least one assignment or piece of work that you think best shows the progress you're making in the exploration of your question. You'll archive this artifact in P@N, just like you did with your artifacts from your P-EQ courses.

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