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Foreign Languages

As a responsible citizen, you need to know about the world; your ability to understand what is shared culturally or what is common among civilizations, and what is not, is critical in our highly interconnected global world. What is more, to be knowledgeable in this way also makes you more marketable and in-demand as a professional. 

At Nazareth, the Uncommon Core prepares you to be a global citizen and professional in a number of ways:

  1. Foreign Language Requirement: All B.A. students and students from selected other programs (check your program requirements) are required to take two semesters in the same foreign language. But even if you aren't required to take a foreign language, we highly recommend that you do. Not only will you come to know another culture through learning the language, but your analytical and problem-solving skills will improve. 
  2. Global/Cultural Emphasis Across the Disciplines: Every Perspectives-Enduring Questions course that you take has significant global and cultural content. So, for example, not only might you learn about genetics in your science P-EQ, but you will also explore how different cultures view gene therapy. You can also take your P-EQ Literature course through the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department.
  3. Integrative Studies: You can explore topics related to globalization, diversity, and particular geographical locations in your integrative studies courses. What is more, you can combine this with study-abroad as your Experiential Learning requirement and integrate your global learning in the Core Milestone Experience. 
  4. Study Abroad: You are encouraged to study abroad for a year, semester or even just a 2-week short-term program. Nazareth offers a variety of opportunities so that regardless of your major, the amount of time you have, or how much you are able to afford, you can take part in becoming educated about the world through experiential learning. 

For more information about what Nazareth offers, please visit the websites of the Foreign Languages & Literatures and the Center for International Education.

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