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The Core Milestone Experience (CME)

This is the course in the Uncommon Core when you can step back—pause—and think about what you have learned. Once you have taken two of your Integrative Studies courses and are enrolled in your third, you can take the Core Milestone Experience. Ideally you will also have completed one or more Experiential Learning Pathways and your Health & Wellness as well.

The CME is a 0-credit course in which you formally reflect on your collected Perspectives-Enduring Questions, Integrative Studies and Experiential Learning artifacts that you archived in P@N. You will be asked about your intellectual journey as related to the question that led to your choice of an IS Cluster. You will also prepare a public version of this reflection that you showcase to other students.

If you have not yet completed your Experiential Learning Pathway when you enroll in the Core Milestone Experience, you can use the class to figure out which one you should do!

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