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Youth Development Internships

Internships provide students with an opportunity to apply theory to the real world. Youth Development can seem abstract at first, but with an internship, students can better understand the relationship between theory and application.

More information about college-wide internship forms and policies.


Junior vs. Senior Year Internships

The CYD program requires  an internship in both junior and senior year. The difference between the two is that senior year, the internship  is geared toward the concentration of the student's choosing.

**Note that an internship is also a requirement for the minor, though you only need one.

Internship Sites

Internships may be obtained through community organizations in collaboration with the college. They can also be self-designed by the student to fit personal goals and aspirations. Every internship must be signed off by the Director of the minor as well as the Director of Internships. The following sites are in collaboration with Nazareth's CYD students.

City of Rochester's Bureau of Recreation
400 Dewey Avenue, Lexington Avenue
Rochester, NY

Dr. Douglas Smith Learning Center
Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church
51 Springfield
Rochester, NY 14609

Charles Settlement House
431 Jay Street
Rochester, NY 14611

Dr. Louis Cerulli School #34
530 Lexington Avenue
Rochester, NY 14613

Industry School and Residential Center
375 Rush-Scottsville Road
Rush, NY 14543

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