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Volunteer Checklist

Volunteer Handbook

Find information on how to get started, who to talk to on campus to find support, and how to get funding.

Download Student Volunteer Handbook

Wondering how to get started? This checklist should help.

Before the Volunteer Experience

  • Conduct research to find an organization that matches your interests and abilities (Check our listings of Volunteer Opportunities or set up an appointment to meet with us in the Center for Civic Engagement
  • Find the name and phone number of the person at the organization who is responsible for coordinating volunteers
  • Contact the volunteer coordinator at the organization. Tell him/her that you are interested in volunteering. Ask about their needs and whether or not you would be a welcomed volunteer.
  • Find out the details of your volunteer project
    • What activities you will be performing?
    • Are there any qualifications you need to have before volunteering
    • (e.g. training, experience, background check)?
    • What is the length of the volunteer project (2 hours or 2 days)?
    • What is the length of the commitment to this organization (is this a one-time volunteer project or a weekly commitment?)
    • When are you expected to arrive and when you will be allowed to leave?
    • What should you wear?
    • Do you need to bring anything (ID, money, lunch, tools)?
  • Arrange your transportation to/from the site.
  • Call the organization a day or two before your volunteer project to be sure they know you are coming, your hours, and the activities you will be performing. Ask any additional questions.

After the Volunteer Experience

  • Thank the organization for hosting you.
  • Report your experience to the campus coordinator.
  • Take a minute to think about what you got out of the experience.
  • Decide whether or not you want to volunteer again.
  • Arrange another volunteer experience with that organization or with a different organization.
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