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Spotlight of a "Partner"

Sarah Putman ‘13

Hometown: Liverpool, NY

Major: Psychology with Inclusive Education

PFL Experience: 1 year at School #34 and 3 years at School #36, 2 years Site Coordinator at School #36

The Partners for Learning program has an enormous impact on the students and school communities that we work with.  It also impacts the Nazareth community.  Nazareth students, called "Partners", are able to serve as  mentors and a tutors and can be positive role models in students’ lives.  During work time and activities in the classroom  we can be supportive figures .

I have grown so much as an individual and as a future educator through the Partners for Learning program by developing and practicing skills such as patience and empathy, as well as gaining a greater understanding of students’ differing needs and abilities. When starting observations for my education courses as a junior, I was more comfortable in an urban environment and more confident when interacting with students because of my work through Partners for Learning.

The Partners for Learning program causes a chain reaction within the lives of students, Partners, the greater Rochester community, and Nazareth’s community, and is a wonderful way to pay it forward. Partners’ perspectives on community, education, and service have changed as a result of our experiences with this program, and will influence our future endeavors.

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