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Path Making

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If indecision or confusion about your major or career path is becoming a concern, then come and talk to us. We can listen and then suggest ways to think about making your indecision more about discovery.  We can also suggest a number of resources that might help you explore ways to find your path.


Helpful Resources

Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisement Center offers all undergraduate and matriculated students assistance and special help with academic matters. We assist students with planning educational programs that are in accord with the college's academic policies and degree requirements as well as with students' choices of major, academic abilities, special interests, and career options. Learn More

Academic Advisors

Academic advising is the reflective process of planning a student’s education, keeping in mind the college’s academic policies and degree requirements as well as the student’s choice of major, academic abilities, special interests, co-curricular activities, and professional and life goals. Every student is assigned an adivsor in their major, as well as an additional education advisor if they are in an education program. Students are required to meet with their advisors prior to registration each semester; once in late October, and once in late March. Learn More

Career Services

Our Career Services office has a wealth of resources and experienced counselors to help students, faculty and employers with a variety of career planning tasks. Learn More

Exploring Self, Majors, and Careers Course (CDL 101)

This course is designed to assist students with the process of exploring self, majors, and careers. Activities will include assessment of interests, skills, values, and personality traits, and methods for using this information toward career and life planning will be taught. Students will also be introduced to major and career exploration resources.

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