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Nazareth College is pleased to offer an extensive variety of services, departments, and programs to help you to be successful both while at Nazareth and during your future endeavors. Below are a few of the departments the Center for Student Success works closely with to help support your personal and academic needs.


Helpful Resources

Academic Advisement

The Academic Advisement Center offers all undergraduate and matriculated students assistance and special help with academic matters. We assist students with planning educational programs that are in accord with the college's academic policies and degree requirements as well as with students' choices of major, academic abilities, special interests, and career options. Learn More

Career Services

Our Career Services office has a wealth of resources and experienced counselors to help students, faculty and employers with a variety of career planning tasks. Learn More

Center for Civic Engagement

The mission of the Center for Civic Engagement is to support the development and coordination of the rich, diverse, and varied curricular and co-curricular partnerships that actively engage Nazareth within local, regional, and global communities. Through their involvement students will develop the understanding, commitment, and confidence to lead fully informed and actively engaged lives. Learn More

Center for International Education

The Center for International Education (CIE) is home base to a growing number of global programs that are available to students and faculty at Nazareth both on campus, and around the world. Through our programs, students have the opportunity to live, study and practice their language skills with a network of international partners in every corner of the world. Learn More

Center for Spirituality

Nazareth College has long recognized the importance of spiritual growth in the development of the whole person. The Nazareth community is committed to fostering an environment in which individuals are encouraged to explore their own spirituality, dialogue with others, and engage the world around them. Learn More

Counseling Services

Counseling Services offers crisis intervention as well as individual, couples, and group counseling to current Nazareth students. All students are eligible for an initial consultation with a Counseling Services therapist, and based upon that conversation the clinician and student will work together to find a course of action that best suits the student’s needs. Learn More


Financial Aid

Paying for a college education isn't easy. At Nazareth College, financial aid for students is a priority. This year, 96 percent of our students received some form of financial assistance. More than $19 million in Nazareth College grant/scholarship assistance has been awarded in the current academic year. Learn More

Health Services

Student Health Services provides health care, education and outreach services to a diverse student population. Campus wellness and healthy lifestyles are promoted while encouraging personal responsibility to enhance students' capacity for reaching academic & personal goals. Learn More

HEOP/Excel/Young Scholars Programs

The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) at Nazareth College is a comprehensive program that provides academic support to capable students who, due to lack of academic and financial resources, might not otherwise be able to study at Nazareth. Excel - a program unique to Nazareth College - was designed to facilitate access to Nazareth for students whose academics would qualify them for HEOP, but who do not meet that program’s criteria on residency and/or income. Learn More


The staff of the Lorette Wilmot Library welcomes the opportunity to assist and instruct students in the effective use of a variety of information systems and resources that have been provided.  Learn More

Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides leadership in the recruitment and retention of minority students, faculty and staff. The department represents the college in building networks in Rochester and the region. We work with a campus-wide committee as well as other college and community constituencies to increase minority presence on the campus. We are able to work with a diverse group of people in a manner that enables them to reach their full potential, in pursuit of organizational objectives without anyone being advantaged or disadvantaged by irrelevant considerations. Learn More

Office for Students with Disabilities

The Office for Students with Disabilities promotes fair and equitable treatment for students with disabilities at Nazareth College. Our mission is to provide reasonable accommodations and service to students with documented disabilities through advocacy, counseling and connecting students with campus and community resources. Learn More

Registrar's Office

The Office of the Registrar at Nazareth College is responsible for managing and protecting student records. The office also informs, implements and enforces college policy. Specific areas of responsibility include registration, grading, graduation, enrollment and degree verifications, transcripts and the creation and management of the schedule of classes and room assignments. Learn More

Residential Life

Why live on campus? Aside from the obvious convenience, studies show that students living on campus actually do better both academically and socially. Our main objective is to create an atmosphere that encourages and supports your relationships with others; allows you to learn and develop; and explore the Nazareth community. Learn More


Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for all aspects of student billing including generating, processing, and collecting tuition bills and payments. Learn More

Student Activities

The mission of Student Activities at Nazareth College is to enhance the overall educational experience of students through development of exposure to and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, recreational, leadership and campus governance programs which reflect the diversity of student interests and needs. Learn More

Office of Veterans' Affairs

At Nazareth, an on-campus veteran liaison helps vets with everything from navigating their financial aid packages to talking about the difficulty of going from military service to a classroom. Night classes and flexible day-care accommodate the busy schedules of working vets with families. And counseling centers, rehabilitation and wellness clinics, and an office for students with disabilities all help turn what could be a difficult transition into a rewarding experience. Many veterans mistakenly think their benefits limit their educational choices to community colleges. But a private-school education with small class sizes and professors who care about individual students is attainable at Nazareth. Learn More

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