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Post-Graduate Service Experiences

"I think public service definitely is part of the Nazareth curriculum and I am proud to call it my alma mater!"

Post Grad Pic 2

Alicia With Her Team Members

About to go down into a cave in Ruidoso carrying equipment for an elevator shaft that is being built in it

Post-Graduate Service Experiences

Naz '09 Alumnus Alicia Scahill: 

Post-Graduate Service Experience

"This is my second term with AmeriCorps NCCC; I started off last year as a Corps Member and now serve as a Team Leader.  NCCC (N-triple-C) is a 10 month federal service program for American citizens who are 18-24 years of age at the start of the program.  There are five campuses around the Country and I have done both terms at the Denver campus, primarily serving the Southwest region of the United States.  This year there are about 270 Corps Members based out of the campus and 35 Team Leaders.  The Corps Members are placed on teams made up of about 10 Corps Members and one Team Leader whom they will spend the next 9 months with - traveling, living, working, and eating together.  It is a residential program with sponsors providing housing and NCCC providing food money and a small living stipend.

Throughout the 10 month stint, teams have four project rounds.  Each round is generally with a new project sponsoring organization; these are often non-profits, religious organizations committed to helping their entire community, or government organizations such as the National Park Service.  Last year, I served in New Orleans helping a small non-profit with the continuous rebuilding effort, the LBJ National Historic Park in Johnson City, Texas, then at the Boys and Girls Club of Brazoria County in Freeport, Texas, and finally in Ruidoso, New Mexico with a non-profit trail crew.  So far this year, I was once again in New Orleans, but this time with Habitat for Humanity, then my team and I went to Colorado Springs to work on fuel reduction to help the forests return to a healthier state and prevent potential forest fires from becoming devastatingly destructive. Next project, my team and I will be going to Denver to help in the classrooms of the Garden Place Academy elementary school.

I was lucky enough to have applied and been accepted into Northeastern Law School last year as a Corps Member.  I received a service scholarship as well that I believe is a direct result of my time spent with NCCC.  However when I was offered a position as a NCCC Team Leader, I deferred my enrollment at Northeastern to take part in this opportunity. Interestingly enough, a fellow Team Leader is also a Nazareth Graduate, as is my boss's mother.  I think public service definitely is part of the Nazareth curriculum and I am proud to call it my alma mater!"

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